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Episode 131: A Star Is Born

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The guys recap the dramatic win at Jerryworld and the emergence of Aaron Jones. They discuss how Aaron Rodgers is the most clutch quarterback playing the game now. Next they turn their attention to the Vikings and the upcoming battle for supremacy in the north. Finally we take your calls and tweets as we prepare for an NFC North showdown.

Episode 130: Dez Still Dropped It

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We talk about the dominating performance over the Bears, the dirty hit by Danny Trevathan, and the Packers patchwork offensive line. We then discussed the upcoming game against Dallas. Will Dez drop it again? Spoiler: yes.

We have your twitter responses, voicemail, and of course, Papa K.

Everybody’s Hurt: A Musical Medley

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James Korsmo pours his heart and soul into a ballad about the Packers and their injury woes.

Episode 129: Worst Joke Ever

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They guys talk about the 2-1 Packers escaping with a win against Cincinnati. James, Chris and Kevin discuss the defense’s resiliency, the offense coming through, and a Packers team getting a win with a lot of key players injured. Then they look forward to Thursday’s tilt with the Bears and they answer the age old question: Do the Bears still suck?

Episode 128: Viva Bosco

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The guys talk about a tough loss in Atlanta and what it means for the Packers going forward. They discuss what concerned them most about the loss but also the bright spots they took from the game. Then they turn their sights to the Bengals. Cincy might be the perfect slump buster the Packers need. We take your calls, read your tweets and get ready for a great bounce back game.