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Episode 110: Offseason Drudgery

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It’ the middle of the offseason and Packers fans are struggling to get to the season. We talk about the reports that Vince Biegel had surgery, we talk about our favorite news sources and we get voice mails! All this and more on Episode 110.

Episode 109: Same Ol’ Jay

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Jay Cutler is leaving the NFC North and the guys are bummed. No longer can we rely on three solid interceptions per game. Bob McGinn is also leaving and we are left wondering who is left to be old man yelling at clouds.

The guys talk about the new face of the NFC North and which rookie will have the most impact, all while giving Smokin’ Jay the send off he deserves.

All this and more on Episode 109 of the Titletown Sound Podcast.

Quick Slants Week 13: Packers vs. Texans

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Chris gives his knee jerk reaction in real time to the Packers game against the Texans.

Why Are Sports Important?

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Chris gets a little sappy and talks about why sports really are important.

Quick Slants Week 6: Packers vs. Cowboys

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Chris gives his reaction to the game as it happened. And attempts to hold it together.