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Episode 134: CooterCast

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This week we cover the Packers recent moves and their interest in another veteran quarterback. We discuss the needed improvements on the defense and in Brett Hundley’s play and we look to the keys to beating the Lions. All this plus our skit featuring Jim Bob Cooter, everyone’s favorite offensive coordinator. We answer your tweets, Papa K checks in and we play True / False and Spread Em.

Episode 133: Yak Attack

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The guys talk about the Rodgers-less Packers taking on the Saints and how the team has to improve to compete on both sides of the ball. Then on to happier topics when James, Kevin and Chris recap their trip to Green Bay. Finally, we take your calls and Papa K bestows his wisdom on us once again.

Episode 132: Preparation H

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We are recovering from the loss to the Vikings, and the loss of Aaron Rodgers. Shockingly, we remain optimistic. First we talk about Brett Hundley’s performance against Minnesota as well as the injuries facing the offensive line. Next we put the depressing stuff behind us and look forward to the Saints game. We take your calls, respond to your tweets, hear from Papa K and much more.

Episode 131: A Star Is Born

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The guys recap the dramatic win at Jerryworld and the emergence of Aaron Jones. They discuss how Aaron Rodgers is the most clutch quarterback playing the game now. Next they turn their attention to the Vikings and the upcoming battle for supremacy in the north. Finally we take your calls and tweets as we prepare for an NFC North showdown.

Episode 130: Dez Still Dropped It

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We talk about the dominating performance over the Bears, the dirty hit by Danny Trevathan, and the Packers patchwork offensive line. We then discussed the upcoming game against Dallas. Will Dez drop it again? Spoiler: yes.

We have your twitter responses, voicemail, and of course, Papa K.