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Note: I am only posting this piece and did not write it. The following article was written by Andrew Kromer. He is a fan of the Chicago Bears, expressing the opinion of an individual Bears fan.

We at TitletownSoundoff.com do not necessarily share these opinions. I will have a response to several of these points in an article tomorrow morning. Feel free to beat me to the punch and leave a comment.


The Chicago Bears have a great chance to beat the Packers this Monday night. Yes, I am a Bears fan but I am not a homer. I realize that the Bears do not have Lance Briggs or Jay Cutler for this go ‘round but hear me out, or at least wait to throw the gouda cheese at me.

I admit that the Bears defense has been swiss cheese this year and that it does not get any better without Lance Briggs, but as long as Peanut Tillman is part of the Bears defense something wacky is bound to happen where the football unexplainably ends up in his hands. Yes, the Packers have Aaron “who is Greg Jennings?” Rodgers manning the ship as he sails through the porous Bears defense, but he also has some unproven receivers (come on, a couple games does not a career make) named Boykin and White who have a great chance to falter when the lights are bright on a Monday night. My expectations for Monday night are that Devin Hester will show up, a run a punt or kickoff back for a touchdown because the fine print in his contract mandates that he “do work” on Mondays in order to pay back his Nevin Shapiro benefit monies. So there is 7 points there for the Bears. Peanut Tillman will have a pick-6 for 14 points. Tulane product Matt Forte will ride the wave of a Clay Matthews-less defense with a huge game for a buck-75 and 2 TDS on the ground, 28 points for the Bears. Finally Marc Trestman will out-wit McCarthy with two throwing touchdowns from Josh McCown to Alshon Jeffery. Yes, of course A Rod will have his monster 3 touchdown-325 yard passing game but his inexperienced pass-catchers will be the team’s undoing. In the end as the Packers drive into Bears territory to try and break the 35-35 tie, Aaron Rodgers need to rely on his arm and will mistakenly trust Jarrett Boykin on the big stage. Boykin will juggle the perfectly thrown spiral from the man and it will land ceremoniously into the soft, waiting hands of a Peanut. Final score Bears 42 Packers 35.

Of course, this may be some far-fetched fantasy from a Bears fan but my question for Packers fans is this: Why are you so confident in your unproven wide-receiver talent beyond Jordy Nelson? Because Aaron Rodgers pulled them along against Minnesota? Don’t crack the champagne-yet on a Super Bowl or a win on Monday night. I would be sober for any delusions of grandeur. Take it from a Bears fan who used to have high expectations for Jay Cutler. Bottom line is that the Bears have offensive weapons even without Cutler and so do the Packers and both defenses are also hurting. So the key to Monday night’s Bears vs. Packers game? Which defense will suck the least.

-Andrew Kromer


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