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Adams’ Payday

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With a flurry of activity at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, one thing might have been overlooked. Davante Adams will return to the Packers. The Packers re-signed their dynamic wide receiver before the end of the season, and before major shakeups in the front office.

Adams, who just turned 25 on Christmas Eve, received a big check. The young receiver’s rookie contract expires after this season and would have sent Adams to the open market if he was not re-signed.

Adams would have most likely been the top wideout on the market after the re-signing of Alshon Jeffery with the Eagles. Ted Thompson tends to let many big name players walk, but he (or whomever was making decisions at the end of the season) decided to keep Davante Adams and it could pay big dividends.

The Packers made a bold statement to teams around the league. The team paid Adams more than many predicted his contract to be worth. Depending on the move that the Packers decide to do with Jordy Nelson, could determine Adams’ value to the team.

There is no doubt, that Adams is on pace to be the Packer’s top pass-catcher soon. Adams’ role and production could increase, especially with Jordy Nelson’s questionable future with the team. Getting this contract done with Adams is a big checkmark for Green Bay’s off season to-do list.

Davante Adams’ contract is worth $58 Million Dollars over a span of four years. Adams will get a $18 million as a signing bonus.


Green Bay was wise to sign Adams during this season as it allows them to use cap carry over from the previous season, not impacting the Packers as harshly as it could have.

Center Corey Linsley was also re-signed for 3 years worth $25.5 million.


Stats are an important factor to judge players and for new contracts. Although Adams has not yet recorded a 1,000 yard season, he has had two very close calls.

In 2016 Davante Adams fell only three yards short of the 1,000 mark recording a career-high 997 yards. Adams had 885 yards this season but missed two full games to concussions. The wide receiver was on pace to record his first career 1,000 yard season.

So why give Adams a new contract if he hasn’t even had 1,000 yard year? Simple. Adams is only 25 years old and has much more potential to blossom into an elite wide out in the league. Adams leads the league in touchdowns over the past two seasons. Adams has recorded 22 touchdown receptions despite missing multiple games and playing a portion of those games with a below average quarterback, Brett Hundley.

It may take a few more seasons but Adams is a top three receiver according to Kevin King.


Even if you think the Packers overpaid Adams based on his statistics, when you watch him play, you will know he is worth every penny. Adams stats just don’t live up to the large contract that he received but, he has lots of potential and a healthy season should improve his numbers.


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