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An Open Letter To Vikings Fans

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Dear Fans of the Minnesota Vikings:

I loathe your team. Abhor it. Detest it. Your purple and white uniforms make me physically ill. Your old stadium committed harikiri by implosion. The new one is looks like a stapler and will kill countless birds. Every time I hear the gjallarhorn, I want to jam a cordless drill in my earholes and pull the trigger.

All of this will always be true. But none of it means that I (and I am confident in saying that the vast majority of Packers fans) feel anything but sympathy and sadness for what Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings fanbase is going through right now–and the road that you all face during the upcoming season.

After all, we are all people. Fans, for various and eclectic reasons, of our respective teams. Yes, our teams are rivals in the same division. And geographically, our states are naturally inclined to have a healthy competitive nature. Truth be told, I love travelling to Minnesota. It’s a beautiful state, with the notable exception of the the Vikings new stadium.

You may remember the 2015 NFL season. In fact, I’ve heard in completely logical and reverent terms, that the Vikings won the NFC North Division. In August of 2015, Jordy Nelson tore his ACL and was lost for the season. I’m not saying that contributed to your division championship, but I’m not NOT saying it, either. My point is that Nelson’s injury dramatically changed the entire offensive gameplan for the entire season. It was a domino effect that the Packers just couldn’t overcome. And that was just our wide receiver.

The Vikings were projected by most NFL pundits to be a strong team with a good chance to make it far in the playoffs. After so many months of anticipation, to have the rug pulled out from under you in such a horrific manner is just heartbreaking. Even this crusty Packers fan feels terrible about it. Honestly, I really was looking forward to watching the Packers and the Vikings lay waste to the Bears and Lions in a heated competition for the division. Who knows, maybe the Vikings will find somebody who will compliment Adrian Peterson well enough to contend and I will regret writing this. If so, I take back everything I have said.

The point of this letter is to let Vikings fans know that even though I harbor intense ire for the Vikings franchise, I (and again, I’d venture to say a vast majority of Packers fans) have immense respect for Bridgewater, and hate that this happened to him. Keep your heads up, it will get better. And if you don’t believe me, people in Brazil feel the same way:

Best of luck to you this season, and please enjoy Joel Stave.



P.S. None of the nice things I said in this letter apply to Adrian Peterson.


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