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This weekend the Packers are hosting the Vikings. The Vikings are supporting a thundering 2-8 record, while the Packers, who have been plagued with injuries this season, are rounding the corner with a 5-5 record. With it being so late in the season, we know the Vikings have no way on God’s green Earth making the playoffs. The Packers on the other hand, are spiraling downward due to key injuries.

According to NBCSports, Minnesota Vikings Chris Cook said, “They’re definitely vulnerable right now. Rodgers is a key guy for them and he pretty much makes them go.” He goes on to say how this game is a must win, so Packer nation can forget about the Vikings coming out and laying down for the Packers to walk away with an easy win.

With that said, we as fans need to understand that NFL players do not like to lose. Even if the fans are making signs such as the 2011 Colts “Suck for Luck” campaign took hold. The Vikings are in a similar situation with their quarterback. They’ve had 3 different quarterbacks start for them this season and have yet to find one of them that have their groove to complement Adrian Peterson. As a fans point of view, we hate to see our favorite team lose, but as the season starts to wind down, we begin to hope they continue to lose so they can draft the next Joe Montana.

Let’s just be honest here, do we expect to see the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl anytime before the year 2030? One user from a Vikings message board stated, “I’m only 17. I feel like I won’t see a Super Bowl victory from the Vikes ever…” It is possible for the young man to see a Super Bowl team in Minnesota in his lifetime but its not going to happen for a while. Before the Vikings can win or even reach a Super Bowl, the team needs some serious revamping. New coaching staff and a quarterback who can be the leader the team desires.

Another user from the message board stated, “I think it’s clearly Ponder. Freeman might have a little juice left in the battery, even if he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Cassel is most likely the best of the three. Ponder for the loss.” This poster clearly believes that he would be a better coach than what the Vikings have at the moment. A blind monkey should be able to tell that Ponder is not the in the teams future at quarterback. Whatever the case is, the Vikings would be better off to replace Ponder with one of their cheerleaders to lead them to the promise land.


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