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After a horrific showing against the Bears, Cowboys fans are not feeling too sure about their team going into Sunday. The Cowboys are in the same boat as the Packers as the end of the season nears. Both teams have to win out. This week I took a peek at the Dallas Cowboys official forum to get an understanding of how Cowboys fans are feeling about Sunday’s game.

The biggest fear Cowboys fans have is that Aaron Rodgers will play, but some fans don’t think it matters who is at quarterback after the ‘Boys poor showing in Chicago. One fan said “Hate to say it, but the Bears didn’t play Cutler and look what happened.” In fact, most fans believe that even with Matt Flynn the Packers can roll over their team, multiple fans gave their predictions. One person predicted “dallas 31 packers 52,” another stated “Matt Flynn will throw for 6oo yards and the score will be Green Bay 51 Dallas 20,” and a third person said “I expect a 55-27 drubbing.” Another person even went all palindrome on the score, saying “being real here and not being a lemming/koolaid drinker: Dallas 24 Packers 42.”

Another fans feels that this Sunday will be Jason Garrett’s last in Dallas and the Packers will help Jerry Jones pull the trigger on the move:  “The headline after the game: Packers help Jason pack his crap and get.”

Cowboys forums are a very dark and sad place to be right now. However, some of the Cowboys dumbest fans showed up, which I found enjoyable. Idiot number one spoke of the greatness of Matt Flynn: “Packers QB is playing like a contender for a future pro bowl.” Idiot number two gave his key to the game: “I think if the Cowboys try to score more points than the Packers this game, they might win.”

It looks like Aaron Rodgers may actually have a chance to play on Sunday, however, Jason Wilde reported that Eddie Lacy was in a walking boot on Thursday.



Without Lacy the Packers are going to need Aaron Rodgers to win this football game and vice versa. If Eddie Lacy misses this game and the Packers lose it will be very hard to forgive Mike McCarthy for running the ball at the end of the first half against the Falcons.

UPDATE: Rodgers has been ruled out for Sunday’s game. Which makes the health of Eddie Lacy the new focus for Packers fans.


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