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Note: This piece is, once again, written by Chris Kristofco. We’ll get him an official author credit soon!


The New York Giants, a team once left for dead, are resurgent as of late. As they approach their game with the Packers, Giants fans have begun to have hope once again that Big Blue can win the division and make an improbable playoff run. The Packers Quarterback situation, a flailing defense, and renewed hopes for a division win have fueled the Giants blogosphere and Twitterverse this week.

With the Packers’ offensive uncertainty and the defensive failings of the last two weeks, the enemy message boards and Twitter accounts have been fired up with speculation. Despite reports that Scott Tolzien will start for an injured Aaron Rodgers and an injured Seneca Wallace, the Giants fan base seems to believe, erroneously, that Matt Flynn will get the start. Surprisingly, they seem concerned.

One Giants fan on wrote on Twitter, “If Matt Flynn gets signed by Green Bay and plays against the Giants I just might cry.” Another complained, “Packers couldn’t of signed Flynn after the Giants game SMH.” A third fan wrote, “The @packers have signed QB Matt Flynn the giants are going down.” Apparently, football knowledge and punctuation are not strong among fans of Big Blue on Twitter.

Writers on Giants message boards seem more knowledgeable, and more cautiously optimistic. One fan believes that Giants can exploit a “weak” secondary, explaining that The team used to play “a high risk/high reward style where they allowed a ton of yards, but created a lot of turnovers. That hasn’t been the case this year.” Unfortunately, I think most Packers fans would agree with this analysis.

It doesn’t make for great bulletin board material, but one theme runs through most of the posts by Giants fans on message boards, blogs and Twitter: respect. One fan, while expressing respect for the Packers organization, explained, “The Packers have lost two games in a row, they will definitely be up for this one.” Another fan explained, “I have nothing but respect for the Packers, but I just don’t see how they win without Rodgers.”

Giants fans are beginning to realize just how bad the NFC East is. Unfortunately for the Packers, this gives the Giants something to play for. One Twitter user pointed out that “If the Giants beat the Packers and Redskins beat the Eagles next week, NY is playing for a tie of the NFC East lead in Wk 12.”

As a touchdown underdog to a 3-6 team, the Packers have a challenge in front of them. Recent history, however, might be on their side. As one message board contributor pointed out, “We just can’t beat backup Qbs. Who else remembers Vince Young, Charlie Whitehurst, Jon Kitna? The list goes on and on. Will we add Scott Tolzien?”


– Chris Kristofco


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