Bold Prediction 9: Randall Cobb Will Lead the League in Receptions

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This bold prediction comes to you by way of the great @Mr_Nance47.  The three of us – me, Mr. Nance & Randall Cobb – have a lot of things in common.  We’re all University of Kentucky alumnus.  We’re all extremely athletic: they played football at an SEC school and I’m a below-average second baseman in church league softball.  It’s all the same thing, really.

With the way Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball around (and the resurgence of the running game), it makes it difficult for any Packers wide receiver to lead the league in receptions.  But this is the year for that to change.
Randall Cobb is a huge part of the Packers offense (which is why I’m still celebrating the deal he signed).  More than any other receiver, his role in the no-huddle offense keeps defenses off-balance.  I believe the Packers will go no-huddle more often this season than they have in past seasons, putting Cobb on the field more often.  He’ll run in some of those situations, but he’ll also see quite a few passes thrown in his direction.  I could also see the Packers using a full house backfield consisting of Cobb, Ty Montgomery and Eddie Lacy.  Out of that formation, we’ll see a lot of swing passes to Cobb in an attempt to get him in space.

This is what happens when you get Cobb in space.

This is what happens when you get Cobb in space.

If we assume that Cobb will catch 75% of his targets (he has caught 73% of his targets for his career, but caught 77% in his second season in the league), he will need 155 targets to get him to 116 receptions (his previous high in targets was 127 last season).  It’s impossible to know exactly how many receptions he will need to win this title, but 116 should at least get him close.
I realize that I’m asking you to assume a lot, but this is the world we live in.  For a receiver to lead the league in receptions, he’ll have to see a lot of passes thrown in his direction.  I believe that Cobb will become an even bigger part of this offense than he had been in the past.  You thought you saw Cobb’s breakout already?  You haven’t seen anything yet.

Big up to @Mr_Nance47 for the prediction, and to @TylerIAm for helping me get the word out.

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