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Note: I did not write the original “A Letter To Packers Fans” article. You may have noticed that since I stated it before the beginning of the article and gave the name of the actual writer twice and all that. Still, sometimes people miss those notes, so I wanted to state it again. I did not pen that article; I only posted it.

However, this article is my response to that particular piece. Andrew Kromer’s original text is written in regular type, my responses are in bold. I am electing to be a bit of a sarcastic rube in spots, but there are some valid points to be made of which Andrew may not have been aware. Ultimately, these are opinions of a single Bears fan and a single Packers fan, and do not necessarily express the opinions of anyone else. And what the heck, it’s all in good fun.


The Chicago Bears have a great chance to beat the Packers this Monday night.

Should I start here with my sarcastic comments? The chances of that are a bit better than me finding Bigfoot, but let’s roll with this premise.

Yes, I am a Bears fan but I am not a homer. I realize that the Bears do not have Lance Briggs or Jay Cutler for this go ’round…

I would argue that you have a better chance of winning because you do not have Jay Cutler. You realize that as the starting QB of the Bears, Cutler is 0-7 against Green Bay when the Packers commit less than 18 penalties?

…but as long as Peanut Tillman is part of the Bears defense something wacky is bound to happen where the football unexplainably ends up in his hands.

Fun Fact: In 4 of 6 games he’s played in this season, Tillman has not picked off a pass. OK, perhaps I’m nitpicking the basic point. I’d agree that any number of crazy things could happen…this is the Bears versus the Packers after all, but this is stating that a Tillman pick is virtually guaranteed.

Yes, the Packers have Aaron “who is Greg Jennings?” Rodgers…but he also has some unproven receivers (come on, a couple games does not a career make) named Boykin and White who have a great chance to falter when the lights are bright on a Monday night.

Uh huh…
You feel better about “been on 5 teams in the last 8 seasons” Josh McCown? One game this year he was fine, 14-20, 204 yards, TD, no INT…against Washington, currently ranked 28th against the pass…and even worse than that against the run, in points allowed, and yards allowed per game (not a stellar or even average defense). The same Josh McCown who didn’t get on the field at all last season. The same Josh McCown who in 51 career games has thrown 38 TDs and 44 INTs, with a career QB Rating of 72. The same Josh McCown who was 19-28 with a TD and 2 INTs the last time he faced Green Bay, in 2011. “A couple games does not a career make”…very true, but I would much rather ride my system-WRs who MIGHT falter “when the lights are bright on a Monday night” (I like the alliteration there, have to admit) than a QB who has made a career out of not having a career. Granted, I would still rather start McCown against the Packers’ defense than Cutler if I were the Bears.

Matt Forte will ride the wave of a Clay Matthews-less defense with a huge game for a buck-75 and 2 TDS on the ground…

Just for clarity’s sake…by “a buck-75” you mean “175” rather than “1.75.” That is a common term, I’m not poking fun at that, but I want to stress…one hundred and seventy five. As you did not specify otherwise, I am presuming you mean 175 yards on the ground as opposed to 175 total yards (through the air and on the ground.) So again, for clarity’s sake, you are stating Forte will get well over 100 yards on the ground.

The Bears average 113 YPG on the ground and the Packers have faced the number 1 and 6 teams in rushing YPG and are still currently 4th in least rushing yards allowed. Granted, Cleveland and Baltimore help our average, but we still allow less than 100 YPG on the ground…about 16 1/2 YPG under 100. Just saying. If you think the Packers defense is only Clay Matthews, go right ahead.

Final score Bears 42 Packers 35.

That’s adorable.

Of course, this may be some far-fetched fantasy from a Bears fan…

Which to me is like saying Santa Claus “may not exist.” (For our younger readers, that was just a silly joke, of course Santa is very real and will reward you handsomely for telling your friends to visit our website.)

…but my question for Packers fans is this: Why are you so confident in your unproven wide-receiver talent beyond Jordy Nelson?

Personally, and this may not be a popular opinion, I am confident because they are system Wide Receivers. Boykin may or may not be good or even great on another team, but he fits this system just fine. In addition, your team’s defense went from Top 5 to Bottom 5, and you’re asking me how I can be concerned about my Wideouts? Take Tillman and Jennings out of your side of the argument and Nelson and Boykin out of my side for a moment…do you fancy the Myles White-Isaiah Frey/Zach Bowman matchup all night long? Because I’ll be ready to call victory on that one if White burns them downfield even once. And heaven help you if White gets matched up against one of your Safeties. I don’t think White is amazing, but I like his chances if he gets a chance through the middle of your Cover 2. Boykin is not a flash-in-the-pan, nor is White. I believe in the strategy of “good player in great system” over “great player in good system.” I’m leaving James Jones out of this for now, but if he’s in there and Boykin is the #3 WR…even better for us.

Because Aaron Rodgers pulled them along against Minnesota?

Pulled them…what is he, an ox? Is he going to be fjording the Fox River to escape the dysentery outbreak in the nearby village?

Don’t crack the champagne-yet on a Super Bowl or a win on Monday night. I would be sober for any delusions of grandeur.

I don’t know anyone that is. I don’t think anyone is planning a trip to Chicago for the postseason either…okay, that was a cheap shot…

Take it from a Bears fan who used to have high expectations for Jay Cutler.

…and then Jay hit puberty, and all hope was lost.

Bottom line is that the Bears have offensive weapons even without Cutler…

I think you meant to say “The Packers have lost a valuable defensive tool in Jay Cutler, master of the interception, who seems to delight in getting the Packers offense back on the field.” But yes, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Jeffery, Bennett, they are respectable targets…it’s getting the ball to them consistently that is the issue.

…both defenses are also hurting. So the key to Monday night’s Bears vs. Packers game? Which defense will suck the least.

Again, per game, 4th against the Run, 11th in Average Yards Allowed…tied for 10th in Sacks with Arizona, who has played one more game than we have, as have 7 of the 9 teams ahead of us. Our defense kinda sorta doesn’t suck, ya know? Ailing? Sure. But we’ve been holding strong despite our injuries to this point.



All kidding aside, on behalf of our website, I genuinely appreciate that Andrew took the time to share his opinion with us. I had some fun with him on a couple points, but that’s part of the fun of sport: opinions, disagreement, debate, and some good-natured ribbing. And I appreciate a good sport who can do all four respectfully.

Ultimately, you never know what way the ball will bounce when Monday night comes around. Sometimes the stats go out the window, especially in rivalry games.As misguided as I think some of his points are, he may feel the same about mine. He may not have followed the Packers closely these last few weeks, just as I have not followed the Bears closely either. Mr. Kromer, you may have the last laugh on Monday night…but I still disagree. And I don’t know where my Oregon Trail reference came from, but there ya go.


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