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Josh has a week off of Studs and Duds, so I’m filling the chair as “Fantasy Guru” today. I’ve looked at the various projections for the big names, the small names, and the ones that are somewhere in between. So, I’ll give you a rundown similar to Josh’s usual format and hopefully I won’t doom your team this week!


Fantasy Studs

QB: Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay

This is a deeper league pick. If you’re throwing darts in a 16 team league or you’re looking around in a 16 team league, I’ll suggest this guy. Glennon has put up fairly surprising fantasy numbers for the lowly Bucs. His opponent this week is Atlanta, who is giving up the 4th most fantasy points to QBs. I think he’s got a shot at being the 12th best QB this week (not a great shot, but a shot nonetheless) and top 16 is very possible.

RB: Andre Brown, New York Giants

If you read my Dud Wildcard, you’ll play the “But Bobbo, Brown gets banged up all the time too!” card. True, but Brown HAD his big injury. The theory of Fantasy injuries states that he should be okay for another week, at least. You likely aren’t counting on Brown the way you might be with a Reggie Bush-type. Bush has a better track record for the 2013 season, thus is more valuable in many owner’s minds. The Packer defense has been…well, if you’re reading this, you probably know. Brown can be explosive and I have no concerns about him doing well this week.

WR: Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins

Hartline is a guy I’m iffy on. I like him early in a season and not as much as time goes on, but he can still spring a pretty good game here and there the rest of the way. San Diego is a good matchup for him, so if he’s one of your WR3 options, I wouldn’t object to taking  chances with him. Against the Chargers, he should still pull in at least 6 points for you, even it’s a tougher day than expected.

TE: Coby Fleener, Indianapolis Colts

I tried to avoid the Thursday night game, but I think Fleener should be getting more love than this. Luck is finding his ol’ college buddy again, and I’m expecting more of the same against the Titans.

WC: Vernon Davis, San Francisco

Late afternoon game, but I’m not too concerned with him. If you’re in a pinch and need to decide now as to whether he’s in  your lineup or not, I’d suggest having him in there. The Saints are not a great matchup for Tight Ends, and I will say that I’d usually give that more consideration. That said, I can see Davis getting sprung for a big play or two. That might be all he gets, but that may be all he needs.


Fantasy Duds

QB: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

I’ve never been a complete supporter of Ryan, and I have been a constant avoider of him in Fantasy because I think he is a product of his offensive scheme and surrounding talent. He does not have that talent now, and it is showing. Don’t look for a situation to arise like Green Bay’s where young receivers pop up out of seemingly nowhere. I’d ditch Ryan via trade if at all possible, and I would avoid him this week if possible.

RB: Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens

I think Josh will hate this pick, but I love a good quote, and I have a good one about Rice. Baltimore Sun writer Matt Vensel stated of Rice “he looks like a little kid running in a snowsuit when he gets the ball in the open field.” Bingo. I would bail on this guy quickly. If you could get anything worthwhile for him in the trade market, I’d take it. As for this week, I’d rather start Andre Ellington. I’d rather start Joique Bell. I’d rather start James Starks. Heck, I’d would rather start Baltimore Sun writer Matt Vensel if I could.

WR: Cecil Shorts, Jacksonville Jaguars

Eesh, I just don’t like the Jags at all, even after a win. Arizona does not give yards or scores up to WRs without a good fight, and last time I checked, Shorts is a WR.

TE: Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers

I really can’t support this one. Total hunch. Not even a big hunch. Not a strong hunch. This is a pygmy hunch. You can ignore this one completely if you want.

WC: Reggie Bush, Detroit Lions

Oh am I gonna catch flack for this one…let me pull out a line of Josh’s at this time…I’m not saying that if you own him you shouldn’t start him; what I am saying is that I would be cautious with him going forward. If I owned him, I would likely start him this week. I’m still nervous about his injury history. Granted, he only missed one game in two seasons with Miami, but he has missed time this season, and his history with the Saints is pretty well known. I am just not sure he makes it through the rest of the season. Personally, I’d look for a good 2-for-1 deal Someone out there may love his upside, and a Bush and T.Y. Hilton or Vincent Jackson deal for Adrian Peterson or LeSean McCoy deal  would be really tempting for me. If you could deal a lesser player with Bush, so much the better, but I would feel so much more comfortable with the consistency of AP or Shady over Bush’s upside and a WR2 if I have any sort of playoff hopes. And if I feel I have good WR depth already. That’s a lot of “if’s”, but that’s how I roll.


Dark Horse of the Week

WR DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans

I was a bit surprised to see him ranked so low by so many. Oakland’s defense shouldn’t be anything close to what they were against Philly a couple weeks back, but Hopkins is a guy who can get you at least 5 or 6 points a week. That’s not much to write home about, but he does have spectacular upside. A big play or two is not out of the question and I’d feel pretty good about rolling my dice with him as a WR3 or Flex play. He is available in a lot of Yahoo! leagues, so I’d give him a look if you need a WR this week.


Due to time constraints, I will forgo the Packers picks, but I will say that I support Josh’s support of Brandon Bostick if you want a lottery ticket for the rest of the season. If he continues to develop, he could be due for a huge pop in his number pretty soon.

Good luck to ya!


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