Fantasy Studs and Duds: Week 15

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If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably made the Fantasy playoffs. Congratulations to you! You’ve had some luck, but you’ve had some flashes of your skill as well. Now of course, if you win from this point on, it’s all about your skill as a Fantasy manager. If you don’t, then the other guy just got lucky. Nuts to that guy. Anyway, let’s get on with it!



QB: Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs

Smith didn’t have great numbers against the Raiders last time, but I think a different result isn’t out of the question this week. They just gave up a good day to Geno Smith. I rest my case.

You know who you’re starting if you have Peyton Manning, Brees, or Newton, but if you’re looking deeper to find a QB, Smith is the guy that might be on the waiver wire that I would go after.


RB: Andre Ellington, Arizona Cardinals

I like him, not love him this week. He’s got a very good matchup against Tennessee this week, and if the Cards will take the overrated Mendenhall off the field, Ellington should have a very good day. The talent is there, he just needs to be on the field.


WR: Cordarelle Patterson, Minnesota Vikings

Oh my goodness…a young Wideout finally breaking out, and he finally gets to face a the worst pass defense in the league? Where do I sign up? The Vikings will have to get him the ball if they don’t have AP in the lineup. If they have any idea what they’re doing, they will do anything and everything to get him and Greg Jennings the ball.


TE: Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears

If you have time, go get Jacob Tamme of the Broncos. He could be getting a lot of Welker’s snaps, and even if he doesn’t, he might be worth rostering just in case Julius Thomas goes down.

That said, if you’re past the point of adding Tamme, Bennett may benefit from the return of Jay Cutler. Especially in his first week back, Cutler may look for the safe dropoff pass if his options downfield aren’t there.


WC: Joique Bell, Detroit Lions

Even with Reggie Bush in the game, even if Stafford throws 50 times, the Lions will have to run the ball now and again, and I wouldn’t be shocked if Bell got a good number of plays against this stodgy Ravens defense. Could get a touchdown, could get you 60 yards, little bit of a gamble because this is a quality opponent, but I think Detroit will need all of their weapons on Monday night.

And you never know when Bush will get hurt. There, I said it.



QB: Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

Ah, the ol’ Berenstain Bears. I tweeted earlier (@ThatsOurBobbo) about how the Bears must be giving up on the season. Josh McCown has actually been very good in Cutler’s absence, and I have to think…in the midst of a run for the NFC North title, to make this change right now…they have to be going all in on Cutler. If he fails over these next few weeks, they have every reason they need to let him go next year. That said, not a great matchup for him in Fantasyland.


RB: Steven Jackson, Atlanta Falcons

Great matchup with Washington, but I’m actually a little unsure about this one. Washington is going to change their QB, and just a hunch, but the whole team might step their games up and rally around Kirk Cousins. Jackson is really an old Eddie Lacy at this point. Doesn’t have the speed, doesn’t have the tackle-breaking ability . The only other point in my favor is Frank Gore. Washington held him down a couple weeks ago, but pretty much everyone else has had at least a passable game on their D. I’d pass on Jax just the same.


WR: Mike Wallace, Miami Dolphins

I can’t think that the Patriots will let Wallace go off on them. Wallace had a couple very good weeks, but came up short against his old team. Pittsburgh is the last team that would want Wallace having a good day against them, but I’ll bet that New England isn’t far behind.


TE: Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams

There aren’t any big-time TEs that I really don’t like this week, so I feel like I’m copping out here. Cook should not be your number one TE anyway. Look for someone to speculate on if you’re counting on Cook.


WC: Danny Amendola, New England Patriots

Amendola is a walking MASH unit. This point of the season is the last place you can afford to bank on someone like him. The numbers could be good, but will you forgive yourself if you put Amendola gets hurt in the second quarter, and you started him over the best WR on your bench? If you really have nothing else, then you don’t have a choice, but if you do, think carefully before putting Amendola in your lineup.




Rod Streater, WR, Oakland Raiders

Can I pick this guy again? I was right about him a few weeks ago and he’s been pretty good since then. With Denarius Moore out, Streater is the go-to guy. If he’s available and you need the WR, you need to grab him now.




Jordy Nelson, WR

If Rodgers plays, I’d be tempted to put him up here regardless of anything else. That said, Nelson is facing a weak secondary and should put up decent numbers, at worst.



Matt Flynn, QB

Yeah, I’m still okay with Flynn if he starts, but I think this is the sort of game where the guys around him could have very good games, but his stats look very average-ish. If Rodgers would end up playing, I’d probably bump James Starks or the Packer D into this spot, but you shouldn’t be playing either of them anyway.



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