Fantasy Studs and Duds: Week 16

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If you’re still playing Fantasy, you’ve probably made it to your league’s championship. Well done.

By now you know, play your studs. Don’t get cute…cute does not age well. Going with the obvious may not seem sexy or as much fun, but it’s consistent. Consistency ages well. Getting cute ages like milk. If you’re a gambler and you wanna get cute, no amount of me telling you not to is going to change your mind.

That said, I’m going to skip over most players who are in the Top 5 or 15 at their positions, respective to how many of their players are in most Fantasy lineups. If you have  Top 5 QB, you play them. If you have a Top 15 RB, you play them. If you have QBs ranked 4th and 5th, you could play the matchups, hedge your bets if you have one of their WRs in your starting lineup, or go all in and play your QB and WR, hoping that they’ll have a great day together. I may tear down a Top 10 or 20 player (again, numbers relative to the depth of position) if I think it’s worth mentioning that despite doing well over the course of the season, they are not currently a stud.

That all said, let me put a few people in your head…


Fantasy Studs

QB – Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

The guy is facing Minnesota. Do I need another reason? If you’re stuck between non-stud QBs, Dalton beats pretty much all of them.


RB – Alfred Morris, Washington

Remember how bad Dallas was? Remember that Washington is starting Kirk Cousins, and they would probably like to establish the running game to help him out? Not to mention they want to establish the run to get the play-action pass game started? Yeah, those are all good reasons. He may have had a couple rough weeks, but go with him.


WR – Riley Cooper, Philadelphia Eagles

Speaking of a couple rough weeks…Cooper may be fighting to hold his roster spot next year, but he’s battling his current teammates for targets. Last week, he only got 7 targets. Let me mention at this time that the Packers second-most frequently targeted receiver against Dallas had 7 targets. A few down weeks, but better upside than you’ll see from most WR3 options.


TE – Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens

He’s back! Sort of! Okay, last week wasn’t much to celebrate, but going against New England, I can see Joe Flacco dropping the ball off to his third and fourth options a good amount in this game.


WC – Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles

If you have Nick Foles on your bench…sit down with me for a second, okay? I want to have an important discussion with you.

Now, you know Chip Kelly, right? Maybe not personally, but you are familiar with his days at Oregon, with the wide-open offense, 80 plays a game, that whole thing, right? Well…if you’ve somehow missed how much he’s done over the last few weeks, you should look it up. He can score by volume alone. With the passes come the yards, and sometimes the scores come along with it. I understand, Peyton and Drew are wonderful QBs. If you have anything less than them, you should be starting Foles. Somehow, he’s still available in a handful of leagues, and I’ll bet you he’s sitting on a mess of benches in Fantasyland. He should be starting. Understand why he should be playing and put him in there. Chicago’s defense is not an excuse to not play Foles.


Fantasy Duds

QB – Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

If you have Luck in your starting lineup…sit with me a second, okay?

He’s facing Kansas City. Good reason to not start him this week. Luck is a terrific real-life QB, and even a good fantasy one, but he hasn’t been so great in fantasy lately. I wouldn’t trust him to do a lot of good against KC. If your only other options are Geno Smith and the like, stick with Luck and hope for the best.


RB – Ryan Mathews, San Diego Chargers

Hate train, comin’ through! Basically, since San Diego’s bye week, Mathews has been on a tear. Three 100 yard games and four games with a touchdown. However, I stand by an adage that basically says “If it tends to break, it will.” Therefore, I have to be pessimistic here and say that Mathews will eventually break down. If by some strange happenstance I had Mathews on my team, I could not play him with any degree of confidence. Supporters of his can gloat all they like, I will not get on board with Mathews. At least not yet.


WR – T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts

I traded this dude off about a month and a half ago and none too soon. He disappeared for a  month before popping up with a decent game last week. As I said with Luck, it’s a bad matchup, I wouldn’t want to rely on him.


TE – Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears

I like Bennett overall, but this is not a good matchup. The Eagles’ defense is too lousy for Bennett owners to expect a good game. By that, I mean that the Bears’ primary weapons should get loads of targets, and that likely means Bennett will be left without many balls thrown his way.


WC – Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs

I’ve never been a big fan of Bowe. He’s underachieved all year, and I find him unreliable as a WR1 or even WR2. He is yet another player that I cannot put any faith in. Good for a big-ish week now and then, but too many nothing games for me to consider picking him up or playing him if I already owned him.


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