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Note: This is, once again, not written by me. This is written by our resident Bears fan…wait, why do we have one of those again? Ah well…our resident Bears fan Andrew Kromer shares his thoughts about the upcoming Week 17 game.


And so it comes down to one winner-take-all game for the NFC North Championship and the chance to lose in the first round of the playoffs.

I am excited and pessimistic all at the same time. Once again, it seems as though Packer fans are assuming that they will win on Sunday versus the Bears and head to the playoffs. I would be confident, also, if I was a Packers fan knowing that they have to face a porous Bears defense. For this reason I expect it to be a high-scoring game regardless if Aaron Rodgers plays or not. I also would be confident knowing that you are facing Jay “secretly a Green Bay Packer” Cutler. Jay Cutler is most certain to throw at least one interception simply by showing up on Sunday. The Bears certainly do not deserve to make the playoffs with their worst defense in the history of the Chicago Bears. And I also would be confident as a Packer fan now that Tony Dungy has picked the Bears to win; he picked the Vikings to beat the Bengals this past week.

Here is why the Packers need to be worried,though: It is TOUGH to win on the road in the NFL regardless of how good you are. Eddie “money” lacy is banged up and may not be at full strength for the big game. Lance Briggs will be better acclimated back into the mix at LB for the Bears. The Packers defense is not so good, even though thy are better than the Bears. The Bears offense still has some potent weapons in Alshon Jeffery , Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett, and Matt Forte that cannot all be accounted for at all times. It is TOUGH to win on the road in the NFL. Yes, I said that twice. So go ahead and buy your tickets for the playoffs Packers fans now, if you want. I will be the one sitting and smirking next to Jay Cutler not saying I told you so. Go Bears!

– Andrew Kromer


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