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Lets clear up a couple things before we get to Flynn. The 4-6 week time table for Rodgers return is from and Packer outsiders, it is not the official team report. The official report from is that the Packers are in a “week-to-week mindset” with QB Aaron Rodgers’ injury.

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“We are in a week-to-week mindset, it is my understanding, talking with the medical staff…the information last night was not clear after the game; the doctors felt much better today than they did last night, based on the new information.”

-Mike McCarthy

It’s Thursday and Rodgers is still not listed as “Out” for this Sunday’s game against the Eagles. The injury report only states that he did not participate in practice. I’m not going to get too excited or hopeful. This is most likely the packers playing football politics. But still, it makes for good drama.


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McCarthy was also quoted saying.

“But let’s not kid ourselves. If he walked into your office and asked for the ball on Saturday, what would you do? So we’ll just see what happens.”

-Mike McCarthy

What is better?

We really should not be hopeful for Rodgers to be active this Sunday or next at the very least. But a curious question should be asked. If the Packers are going to go crazy running the ball all game, who is more of a threat to the opposing defense? Seneca Wallace handing it off or Clavicle Rodgers? It doesn’t really matter which QB plays neither of them are going to throw it. This is going to be a run-heavy offense.

From what is being reported, my best guess is that Rodgers comes back when he decides he can handle it, and that has everything to do with how much pain he can tolerate, not if the bone is completely healed.

For a broken Clavicle to completely heal takes about 10-12 weeks, not 4-6. Which tells you that 4-6 weeks is more about pain toleration and being comfortable enough to throw and run.

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During Rodgers weekly radio show Rodgers talked about coming back to the game after he knew his Clavicle was fractured, but the pain was too great for his return.

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Now for Flynn

Three reasons the Packers would bring in Matt Flynn to workout.

  1. Seneca Wallace has sucked it up all week at practice, and McCarthy is realizing this guy isn’t going to win 2 of the next 4.
  2. Seneca Wallace could possibly get injured. Tolzien is just not ready.
  3. Regardless of Seneca’s performance on Sunday, Flynn is the man next week.

What are your thoughts?


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