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Welcome to a new column here on Titletown Sound Off where each week your third favorite writer you’ve never heard of (hey guys, it’s me, Nick Lauer) will write about his favorite Packer, based entirely on what transpired in the most recent game. Hard to ask for a better way to kick things off than with a game that didn’t happen.


In the days leading up to the Hall of Fame Game tilt between the Packers and the Colts it became increasingly apparent that it was turning into the preseason equivalent of the Pro Bowl for the Packers. One quarterback was a scratch due to a bum ankle and the other quarterback was going to sit on the sidelines for a different, yet just as valid reason (IDGAF).


Just to be clear, I’m as big of a fan of watching the Packers backups in the preseason as the next diehard, but that being said, nobody needs to be subjected of 15+ quarters of Joe Callahan before Labor Day. It’s this reason in particular that has me thankful for the biggest football field painting gaffe since that sweet old man almost spawned a more politically correct mascot name for the football franchise in Kansas City.

This leads me to the coronation of the first ever Packer of the week…the Hall of Fame Game groundskeeper!

The only photo we could obtain of said groundskeeper.


Yes, technically the groundskeeper isn’t a member of the Packers, but if former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Nathan Poole can get a key to the city of Green Bay for delivering the 2003 NFC North title to the Packers then this guy should be made an honorary Packers employee.


If you’re questioning how a true Packers fan could celebrate the cancelling of preseason game, hear me out. The Hall of Fame Game was going to be the fifth preseason game for this Packers team in 2016. Mind you, this is coming on the heels of widespread talk about how the number of preseason games needs to be reduced to save wear and tear on the players’ bodies and also to spare fans the insanity of paying full price to watch a glorified practice in person. Yes, it would have been fun to watch our favorite team play football for the first time since January, but that feeling would have dissipated quickly if one of the starters went down with a season-ending injury due to the poor field quality a la Jordy Nelson last year.


Now I’m not big into conspiracy theories—check that—I’m huge into conspiracy theories, which makes me think that there’s a good chance Mike McCarthy used the persuasion of Benjamin Franklin (and maybe his friends Abraham and George Washington) to convince the grounds crew to ensure this game was a no-go. If so, it was the best money he ever spent.


There will be plenty of opportunities for us to get our fill of kinda-sorta football this summer, but in the meantime we all need to give it up for that infamous groundskeeper who saved us all from a devastating injury and thus gave us a bonus summer night to enjoy. Congrats on your Packer of the Week award good sir. I salute you!


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