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Packer of the Week: Preseason Week 1

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Welcome to a new column here on Titletown Sound Off where each week your third favorite writer you’ve never heard of (hey guys, it’s me, Nick Lauer) will write about his favorite Packer, based entirely on what transpired in the most recent game. This week Nick will highlight his favorite Packer from a game only 2.5 people will remember even happened come September 11th.

This week’s Packer of the week is Justin Perillo

To the surprise of many, the Packers finally participated in a preseason game on Friday night. The very capable grounds crew at Lambeau was apparently able to paint the field and the game didn’t even get canceled. Unfortunately for one Browns player, the paint job could have been more obvious.

Cody Kessler pulling the ol’ Orlovsky. Classic.

But then again, the Browns gonna Brown.

Fortunately we are not here today to talk about that moribund franchise in Ohio. We are blessed to focus our affection on one of the greatest NFL franchises.

On Friday night, no player gave the Packers faithful more reason to cheer than the perennially forgotten man at tight end, Justin Perillo.

Before we continue with our lavish praise of the now immortal Mr. Perillo, it is my contractual obligation to point out the unmistakable similarities in appearance between Perillo and a grown up Haley Joel Osment.

PicMonkey Collage

He really does have a Sixth Sense for the football.

Since Perillo joined the Packers as an undrafted free agent in 2014, he was destined to become that player that does nice things in the summer only to see his hopes and dreams crushed as players with more exciting skills or draft pedigree beat him out for the few tight end roster spots available. Shockingly, this could be the year that changes.

On Friday against the Browns, Perillo consistently found ways to get open and create the perfect target for Joe Callahan, who was making his first start in the NFL. (To be fair, Callahan played in Division 3 so he probably felt comfortable going against a team of players not on scholarship).

Not only did Perillo make for an appealing target, but once he had the ball in his hands he showed the ability to get yards after the catch.

In addition to proving that he is capable of filling the number three tight end spot for the Packers, Perillo gave Packers fans a rare opportunity to see some semblance of an effective passing attack. This was crucial during a game that featured three safeties and plenty of work for the punters on both squads. That is reason enough to award Perillo his first ever Packer of the Week award.

The question is whether Perillo can build on his progress and give Ted Thompson enough reasons to keep him on the 53-man roster over 2015 sixth round draft pick Kennard Backman.

One word of advice for our new award winner: don’t let this award go to your head…or do, whatever, clearly you made it to the NFL and I didn’t. You know what to do better than I do.

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