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Welcome to a new column here on Titletown Sound Off where each week your third favorite writer you’ve never heard of (hey guys, it’s me, Nick Lauer) will write about his favorite Packer, based entirely on what transpired in the most recent game. This week Nick will give some love to the player who has been the unanimous MVP of the preseason.

This week’s Packer of the week is Joe Callahan. When he’s not helping his dad with the new brake pad division of the family auto parts company, he’s slinging the ball around the field to men in green and gold.


But I admit. He wasn’t my first choice.

Going into Friday night’s game between the Packers and the 49ers which started at roughly 3:00am Central, I already had a good idea of who was going to be the Packer of the Week. I was yawning a half hour before kickoff. With an eight month old at home who is still trying to figure out this whole sleep-through-the-night fad, the late night kickoff was less than convenient. Twenty four hour a day football seems like a good idea, until your team plays at some ungodly time. My honorary Packer was going to be “Mr. Set A Consistent Schedule for NFL Games” guy.

The only problem is I don’t know who that guy is. I mean, I probably could do some research. But this is the interenet. No one does research. If I had to guess, which is easier than research, I’d say it was former commissioner Pete Rozelle. I could confirm this if I wanted, but to paraphrase a popular meme, “No one has the proper time allocated in their schedule to accomplish such a goal.” Or something like that.

Okay, let’s get down to business. The Packer of the Week for preseason week three is awarded to a guy who has single-handedly made this one of the most memorable preseason campaigns for the Green Bay Packers… ever (once again there will be no Googling to confirm the validity of this claim). That would be the now-immortal Joe Callahan.


The downside of the preseason for every NFL team is that the euphoria of witnessing a brief glimpse of the starters is typically sullied by the bitter taste of watching the backups struggle to play the beautiful game of American football. This is usually the result of poor quarterback play. After all, if the QB isn’t capable of delivering the ball to his targets then it won’t matter how potentially impressive the receivers and tight ends are.

Packers fans have been saved from this disaster by the swift feet and rocket arm of Mr. Callahan. He is essentially the real-life version of Willie Beamen from Any Given Sunday. It’s not always pretty, but it is always exciting and the cat just finds a way to make plays, big plays.

Joe Callahan completed 16 of 24 passes on Friday night and threw for 167 yards and a touchdown. Those are impressive numbers for a third string quarterback from a Division 3 school and yet the crazy thing is he was a Davante Adams drop and a slightly overthrown deep ball to Trevor Davis away from adding at least 100 more yards and two more touchdowns to those numbers. It may be hyperbole to say he looks like a smaller version of Aaron Rodgers when he plays the game, but hey, we don’t shy away from hyperbole here at Titletown Sound Off. In fact, we welcome it.

As with every bottom-of-the-roster player that is mentioned in this column during the preseason, I have to caveat this praise by saying that it is quite possible Callahan finds himself unemployed a week from today strictly based on the Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson philosophy of only keeping two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. If that is the case, Callahan has guaranteed himself a roster spot somewhere by virtue of his stellar play in the past three games. More importantly, however, is that he has cemented himself as a preseason hero in Green Bay that will be fondly remembered every August for Packers fans as we tune in to the inevitable brutal play of backup quarterbacks that are destined to work for Enterprise Rent-a-Car once the NFL dream officially comes crashing down.

So thank you Joe Callahan. There’s nothing we can ever do to fully repay you for the joy you have delivered this preseason like a green and gold Santa Claus. That being said, if you ever find yourself in a bar or restaurant with this humble writer you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay for your meal or drinks. Well, at least you won’t have to pay for half of the bill. I’m sure I can find someone else to split the tab. If not, please skip the appetizers. Anyway, we can work out the details later. In the meantime, tell all your friends about your shiny new Packer of the Week award.

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