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Packer of the Week: Week 5

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Welcome to a new column here on Titletown Sound Off where each week your third favorite writer you’ve never heard of (hey guys, it’s me, Nick Lauer) will write about his favorite Packer, based entirely on what transpired in the most recent game. This week Nick sends some love in the direction of a player who is uber helpful for parents attempting to get young cheeseheads to eat their vegetables.

In a Sunday night win over the Giants that saw the Packers do everything they needed in order to pull out a crucial win there were a handful of standout performances. No player was more impactful than a man that tends to get overshadowed by his running mate, Jordy “White Lightning” Nelson (let’s make that nickname stick). That man is the one and only Randall Cobb, who is our newest Packer of the Week.

After the offensive shortcomings of the 2015 season, Rodgers was likely the most scrutinized player. Randall Cobb finished second on that list. Many expected Cobb to go nuts in the stats department when Jordy went down in August. Sadly, Jordy’s absence simply allowed opposing secondaries to focus all the attention on shutting down Cobb. Fortunately for Packers fans, Jordy is back and has allowed Cobb to thrive in his familiar role as Rodgers’ favorite safety valve.

Sunday night was a display of the best of Randall Cobb as he helped convert approximately 73 third down conversions. The most impressive of those came early in the fourth quarter with the Packers holding a 20-9 lead. There was more than enough time for the former Packers killer Eli Manning to punch Packers fans in the stomachs with a late comeback. Cobb helped erase this possibility (and the possibility of Eli owning Lambeau Field permanently) by turning what looked like a five yard catch on third and nine into a 16 yard pickup. It was Cobb’s human pinball routine that essentially provided the ol’ Wayne Larrivee dagger for the Packers.

As if that wasn’t enough, Cobb then sealed the game officially by converting a third down that ended with Giants safety Landon Collins delivering a shot to the neck that should have displaced his head permanently. Seriously, Cobb should now need to use a pumpkin for a head and turn his life mission into terrorizing Ichabod Crane. Yet somehow the iron man was able to walk off the field on his own. Simply amazing.

In honor of Cobb’s Sunday night heroics I propose we go one step further than simply bestowing our favorite slot receiver with Packer of the Week honors. My idea is next week against the Cowboys every Packers fan that originally was planning on wearing a cheesehead chooses instead to don a slightly different piece of yellow foam headwear.

It’s really the only right thing to do. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a minority owner in the corn cob head company. Let’s not let my personal gain get in the way of saluting the immortal Randall “Corn” Cob.

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