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Quick Slants: NFC Wild Card

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This week brought the Packers to FedEx Field in our nation’s capitol to face the NFC East Division Champion Washington Dan Snyders. Rob Riggle continues to be the least funny man on television, and Joe Buck is still trying to grow a 5 o’clock shadow. How did things go? Let’s get to the bullet points:

  • Mike McCarthy chose to take the ball to start the game. Some have said it was to show his confidence with the offense, which got one first down before punting. I say it was because McCarthy has a direct link to my brain and hates me on a very personal level.
  • Presnap and kick/punt return penalties make me want to throw my remote through my tv.
  • Micah Hyde vs Jordan Reed is not a fair fight. In any way.
  • The Packers defense at the goal line in the 1st quarter was huge. It was 1st and a frog hair, but the defense held tight, forcing a field goal.
  • It’s almost like Desean Jackson has problems understanding where the goal line is. Weird.
  • Aaron Rodgers missed wide open receivers on consecutive plays, and my soul cries. It cries real tears of pain.
  • Punt returns were an adventure. Not the fun, Indiana Jones Lucasfilm adventures I prefer, but an adventure nonetheless.
  • The first quarter took roughly 6 days.
  • Aaron Rodgers has struggled, but his ability to draw teams offsides (while having 12 men on the field, no less) is unparalleled.
  • HOW DO YOU COME OUT OF A TURNOVER AND HAVE TO TAKE A DAMN TIME OUT?????? Every week. It’s the most consistent thing the offense has done all year.
  • The 2nd quarter was the best football the offense has played in a month. It wasn’t quite 2014, but it was light years ahead of where they had been.
  • Davante Adams made 2 great plays on the touchdown drive before the half. Kudos to him. He has been playing much better the past few weeks. Let’s hope his knee is okay.
  • Jared Abbrederris was solid as Adams’ replacement. His route on the 2 point conversion was perfect. Rodgers also found him as a safety valve on a few other plays. He has a bright future as long as he stays healthy.
  • Major kudos to JC Tretter. He gave up the safety in the first quarter, but after that he was very solid. Not a perfect game, but enough to keep Rodgers clean.
  • I’m just a guy. Played a little ball in my day, but that was 20 years ago. Playcalling is not my specialty, to say the least. But even I saw the QB draw that Kirk Cousins ran for a touchdown coming. Why the Packers defense did not, I will never know.
  • You guys, I’m not making this up. I saw Aaron Rodgers smile. During the game, not after a hail mary. He smiled with happiness. It’s a new day, yes it is.
  • I hate the word swagger. It is one of those words that reminds me of Justin Bieber and other bags of hygiene. But dammit to dammit if 12 didn’t get it back today. I was expecting Cindy Lou Who to come out and hug him. Instead he hugged Mike McCarthy and woo’d in his ear. I LIKE THAT. (I apologize. I’m contractually obligated to work that stupid phrase in here somewhere. Please don’t hate me.)
  • Allllllll of me loves aaaaaallllll of this damn defense.
  • Except for Dom Capers’ prevent nonsense. It’s stupid and useless. I hate that. Aaaalll of it.
  • The last 3 quarters of this game was so much fun to watch. I honestly, and I’m actually being sincere this time, forgot what it was like to watch them play this way. I forgot how happy I can be when they play like this. It’s a great feeling. Yes, next week is a monumental task. But I want to hold on to this one for a while. The players don’t get to do that, so we need to. Anything can happen, any given day of the week that they play football. They should make a movie with that title.
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Thank you for reading. James Korsmo is Lead Humor Writer at Titletown Sound Off. You can follow him on Twitter @jksub20. For even more Packers content, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook



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