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Quick Slants Preseason Week 1: Return Of the Pack

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I missed you. Yeah, you. Even if you’ve never read any of these articles in previous seasons, I missed you. Living in a void existence with no football for almost 7 months is more than my soul can handle. The offseason has come and gone, and as much as the players surely appreciate the recuperation time, I am glad it is over. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this is never more evident than on week one of the preseason, when most of the first string players (especially on offense) are doing TV interviews in the middle of plays and we love it. The lack of football has starved us to the point where we are ecstatic about feasting on bread crumbs. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, with no further adieu, here’s what caught my football thirsty eyes tonight:

  • That was a very preseason first offensive series, followed by a very high school punt by Vogel.
  • Damarious Randall’s injury doesn’t look good. Let’s hope he’ll be better by week one. Why can’t we have nice things?
  • Clay Matthews forgot how to sack a quarterback, and Quinten Rollins got murdered by a wide receiver, resulting in a touchdown. I love when sequels pick up at the exact moment the last movie dropped off.
  • Ty Montgomery fumbling was a good thing. The defense needs more practice.
  • Trevor Davis might have figured out his role tonight. A very #nice 69 yard punt return for a touchdown.
  • I love hard hitters. A lot. It’s fun to see them hit. But if Kentrell Brice doesn’t actually start tackling people soon, it’s going to be tough for him to have a spot on an NFL team.
  • Jeff Janis dropped an easy pass, then caught a touchdown on a beautiful pass by Brett Hundley. He might be the Dom Capers of the 53 man roster, just when you think he’s gone…..
  • Jason Spriggs probably has had better nights.
  • Dean Lowry continued to impress.
  • In the first half, Damarious Randall, Kentrell Brice, and Don Barclay all had injuries that don’t look short term. Preseason is a necessary evil.
  • Hundley threw a weird interception. He had made very smart decisions all game, but then it seemed like his brain took a bathroom break. Maybe the Packers will only get two number 1 picks from Jacksonville for him now.
  • Kevin King needs work in coverage, but he isn’t shy about hitting people. Plus he wraps up. It’s going to be fun watching him get better.
  • The second half of the first preseason game is like a Where’s Waldo, except Waldo is 40 people, and you know where he is, but not who he is, so I guess it’s not really like Where’s Waldo at all. Carry on.
  • Hopefully Malachi Dupre will be okay. That was a horrible hit.
  • I love the Packers, and I am so happy the long wait is over. It’s going to be a hell of a ride for the next 7 months. Let’s enjoy it together, shall we?


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