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Quick Slants Preseason Week 2: Don’t Get Hurt

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It’s week 2 of the preseason, and the Packers are in Maryland to sort of take on the Washington Dan Snyders. Everybody has their own priorities regarding what they want to see during these meaningless August games. I only have 1: Get on the plane with the ability to play again next week. God I hope that’s not forshadowing anything. Anyway, how’d it go?

  • The first defensive drive was fantastic. Blake Martinez and Jake Ryan both made great plays on consecutive runs. Forced a 3 and out….
  • Then Trevor Davis muffed. He muffed like a muffing muffer. I, for one, would like to welcome back our Janis overlord.
  • But it was only a flesh wound, cause the defense stuffed Kirk Cousins again. Especially Josh Hawkins. Great drive from him.
  • Death, taxes, Aaron Rodgers drawing 12 men penalties.
  • The Packers starting offense came out and carved up Washington for 16 plays. I haven’t seen anything as beautiful since the last January.
  • The Packers spread Lance Kendricks and Marty Bennett wide on the touchdown pass. Bennett was covered by a linebacker. Roger Goodell might end up fining the Packers for unfair gameplay if they keep doing that.
  • Brett Hundley’s first drive was…..suboptimal.
  • Jason Spriggs is bad at being a consistent offensive lineman. Dangerously bad. Derrick Sherrod bad.
  • The Packers 2nd team defense stuffed the Washington 1st team offense, and it was pretty impressive. The Packers DL has the look of something very special.
  • Hundley’s second drive was the polar opposite of his first. He threw a beautiful sideline pass to Jeff Janis, who will never go away, ever, ever ever. Then Hundley made a nice read and throw to Aaron Jones for a touchdown.
  • Mike McCarthy won 2 coaches challenges. There’s a total eclipse in 2 days. Coincidence?
  • God help us if there are any injuries to the starting offensive line this year.
  • It took until :13 left in the half for Washington’s 1st team offense to score a touchdown against Green Bay’s 1st team defense, and that was on fourth down. I don’t know if that says more about Green Bay or Washington, but either way that’s significant.
  • Watching Ladarius Gunter in the preseason, it’s utterly inexplicable how the Packers didn’t give up 48 points a game last year. He’s like reverse Jeff Janis. Knows where to go, but takes about 3 episodes of Game of Thrones to get there.
  • Anybody with a shred of thought that Joe Callahan would overtake Brett Hundley for the backup QB spot should probably re-evaluate things. Callahan was not only driving the struggle bus, he filled it with gas, stowed the baggage, and filled the tires with air. It is true that the offensive line he played behind was made up of people who wandered into the stadium wearing Packers jerseys, but he just seemed overwhelmed.
  • ┬áIt is always amazing to hear loud “Go Pack Go” chants break out in opposing stadiums. I counted 3 times that happened during this game.
  • Taysom Hill is a gamer. Keep your eye on that guy.
  • I’d still like to see somebody from the RB group break out and make people notice them. Aaron Jones had a nice touchdown catch, but otherwise it was a fairly quiet night for the entire position group. At some point, this needs to be addressed.
  • Next week the Packers play Peyton Manning’s ghost. That should be fun.


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