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Quick Slants: Preseason Week 3

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This week found the Packers testing their backups against the Oakland Raiders. How did they fare?

  • Jordy Nelson in pads warming up before the game, yet inactive. In culinary terms, that’s anĀ amuse bouche. Google it.
  • I’ve just decided to allot 2-3 pre-snap penalties per half. Makes life less stressful.
  • 2 straight designed passes to Aaron Ripkowski to start the game. I like.
  • Eddie Lacy is ready to dominate the league. The first drive of the game was a showcase to the rest of the NFL that they better use 2 mouthpieces when they play Green Bay.
  • The starting offensive line just absolutely snowplowed the Raiders defensive line all over Lambeau on that first drive.
  • Datone Jones follows up last week’s great game by making a bonehead penalty. Not a great look.
  • He made up for it, though. Jones was in the pocket a lot tonight, and made some solid tackles. Continued improvement is exactly what he needs to show.
  • Chris Banjo is a great special teams player. But he plays defense like a special teams player. Give him room to hit somebody, and he brings the noise. But he needs to learn to turn his head to find the ball.
  • Please be okay, Brett Hundley.
  • The limited time we saw Hundley, he looked more than capable of handling the offense. He handled pressure, appeared to understand the defensive schemes, and threw the ball well. Promising future for him.
  • Damarious Randall is a special player. Especially when a lollipop falls from the sky.
  • Khalil Mack vs Jason Spriggs was like a WWE squash match. Spriggs will learn.
  • Blake Martinez has the best pursuit from the ILB spot that I have seen on the Packers in a long, long, long time. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
  • John Crockett has decided that he wants to be on this team, and he’s not letting it go. This pleases me.
  • Bootlegs are not Joe Callahan’s friend.
  • Neither is Khalil Mack.
  • Mike McCarthy would challenge the Miracle in Memphis if the space/time continuum would allow it.
  • The first and second team run defense played outstanding football.
  • Peter Mortell needs to play like this for 2 more games, then it may be impossible to cut him over Tim Masthay.
  • Carl Bradford played first team special teams as well as 2nd/3rd team defense, and continued to look much better than last season. At some point, he flipped the switch and became an NFL player.
  • This team has much more fire than we’ve seen in the preseason the past few years. It’s beautiful.
  • This is preseason, and both teams played vanilla frozen yogurt schemes. But the first 2 games have been very positive for the Packers. I cannot wait for the regular season.


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