Quick Slants: Week 10 vs Detroit

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  • This game was trash.
  • Nate Palmer got the start over Jake Ryan at inside linebacker. I really don’t see the benefit there. Palmer is just a guy. Ryan will be the starter by next season. Ryan has a good understanding of the game. With more experience and some time in the weight room, he should improve greatly.
  • Jared Abbredaris is clearly the fourth wide receiver on the roster. Saw a lot of playing time early on. Had some nice catches late. Sorry, Jeff Janis fans. Fingers crossed on Abbredaris being healthy.
  • When Micah Hyde is covering a tight end I have a hard time not covering my eyes. I can’t stand seeing him trail open guys over the middle.
  • To start the second half by allowing the Lions to have a huge kick return is infuriating. Where is this team’s desire to win? The Packers are failing at every single phase of the game in a way that can only be described as disappointing.
  • I don’t have much to say. I’m confused, frustrated and annoyed. This team is in a rut and they’re the only ones who can get them out. As of this moment, I do not believe the Packers can win Super Bowl 50. Not without some major improvements.
  • One bright spot today was Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Way to bounce back after last week.
  • It’s time for Mike McCarthy to take playcalling back from Tom Clements. The offense is out of sync and Tom just isn’t getting them there.
  • However, it’s not Clements’ fault that the reigning MVP has been inconsistent and inaccurate. Aaron Rodgers is the only one who can fix that.
  • My favorite Packer for today is big, fat, white Donald Driver. Aka: Justin Perillo.
  • Davante Adams embarrassed himself today. Aaron Rodgers threw to Adams a good number of times. Adams came up looking for a penalty about 50% of those. Then when he got heated he cost the Packers the ability to go for it on 4th and 5.
  • Mason Crosby. I don’t know what to say. Nice try?
  • You can say all you want about “wake up calls.” The Packers have had a “wake up call” the last 4 games. I don’t see this getting fixed quickly.
  • The Packers will not beat Minnesota next week. Not if they continue on the way they have.
  • The Lions are now 2 and 7. Congratulations Green Bay, you might have kept them from getting the first pick in next years draft. Way to think ahead.

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