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Quick Slants Week 11: Packers Vs Washington

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Green Bay took their traveling circus show to the nation’s capital this week. Would they drain their own swamp and be great again? Or would they continue to feel the burn of losing? They certainly had a tough hill-ary to climb. These political puns doing anything for you? Me either. Here we go…

  • Clay Matthews should get half of whatever the Packers give Nick Perry to stick around next season.
  • There really is no word to describe the Green Bay Packers offense. I need to invent one, so here it is: garbacious. They are garbacious.
  • Dom Capers is like the Terminator. Nothing will get rid of him, and he destroys things.
  • Richard Rodgers got yards after a catch, with guys hanging on him. I don’t know what to do with my life.
  • A nice 17 play touchdown drive capped off by a vintage Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson. I didn’t know that was still a thing. Glad to see it. Rodgers continued to not see open receivers, but baby steps I guess.
  • Don Barclay is a great human being, I have that on impeccable authority. By all accounts he is a grade A quality man. But he is a horrible, terrible, no good, very very very bad NFL offensive lineman.
  • The Packers 4 minute defense at the end of every half is terrible. Perhaps the most frustrating thing for me to watch all season long has been how easily teams have been able to do whatever they damn well please during these drives.
  • The Packers defense would be much better if they stopped trying to rip the ball out of the arms of the carrier. Tackle first. Also, covering tight ends is advisable.
  • How on Earth does Jeff Janis have a spot on a 53 man roster in the NFL?
  • Was it windy in DC?
  • The offense came out after Washington kicked a field goal coming out of halftime and had some really nice drives. Then the defense came out and looked like a high school team. I’ve seen Puppy Bowls with more intensity. And less crap.
  • I had a very nice paragraph written about Jared Cook, then had to erase it when he fumbled to seal the game. Before the fumble he had a fantastic showing.
  • The offense did everything it could do, save for 3 drives in the first quarter. In the end, the defense was responsible for this debacle. Heads should roll, but they won’t. Unfortunately, next man up doesn’t apply to coaches like it does players in Green Bay.
  • The season isn’t over. There are still 6 games left to play, and I for one will be watching and cheering. My enthusiasm for the team will not wane. But this season is effectively shot. I sincerely hope that somebody with some power at 1265 Lombardi Ave does anything at all to fix this before next season.


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