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Quick Slants Week 13: Packers vs. Texans

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There is nothing quite like a snowy, sloppy game at Lambeau Field, especially when the Packers are playing what is essentially a playoff game. Well, all of their games are basically playoff games from here out.

There is nothing more deflating to an opposing team than ending a long drive with a turnover. Unfortunately that works both ways. By the way, that fumble recovery was just the fourth for the Packers all year. That is less than optimal.

When you don’t have defensive backs able to make plays, pressure on the quarterback is so essential. The Packers have gotten pressure on some very key plays.

Why is Christine Michael occupying a roster spot? It’s almost the end of the first quarter and we have seen nothing of him.

The Packers have made Brock Osweiler look like Michael Vick at times. Without all the animal abuse.

Phil Simms is insufferable. If you ever complain about Aikman and Collinsworth again you should be forced to listen to Phil Simms’ book on tape on repeat.

Cancel the Amber Alert, we fond Christine Michael in the second quarter.

Here is how silly the celebration rule is. Because Randall Cobb was already on the ground, it was legal for him to do a snow angel. Had he fallen to the ground for the purpose of snow-angeling, it would be a fifteen yard penalty. There are technical rules for snow angels. That is ridiculous.


Nick Perry can’t stay healthy and can’t do much when Clay Matthews isn’t on the field. It was easy to be taken by his early season play but one wonders if he can really be productive on his own.

With a bum hammy for 12 and rough weather, it seems the Ripper is getting more snaps than usual. We are okay with this.

This gif is the greatest gif.

As the first half is coming to a close you have to think the Packers need to grind the ball more. Michael is effective, Ripkowski is effective, Starks is wearing a uniform. Down and distance are important. Run the ball.

Not only did the Packers not double up, they didn’t even single up. The Texans are not going anywhere.

An opposing player should never be able to Lambeau Leap. Ever.

Ripper on 4th and 2. He didn’t want to go down, but then again the line didn’t want to open anything up for him either.

Third down and long running plays have been burning the Packers all day.

The most frustrating thing about watching this Packers team (and there are several frustrating things) is that McCarthy seems to abandon game plans after they work. It’s understandable that this is a different game and a different team from Monday night, but why abandon all that worked? Why go to a deep threat offense in this weather? Why not keep it simple? I guess we will never know.

It is maddening to watch Rodgers sitting back in the pocket looking to hit a receiver 25 yards downfield. This is where we spent the first half of the season. This is what this offense looks like when it is “broken”. Oh and by the way, it is SNOWING.

A 98 yard drive for a touchdown did not seem likely. Even if it wasn’t pretty, the Packers battled for those seven points. One of the most important drives of the year one would think. You can feel a momentum shift back. Let’s hope it stays.

Jordy Nelson post-surgery was built for conditions like this. His skill as a receiver came through even if he has lost a step.

We interrupt this stream of consciousness to bring you an Aaron Ripkowski touchdown.

Even up two scores with three minutes on the clock the prevent defense is annoying.

Despite the conditions today, with a hobbled quarterback and obvious other injury issues the Packers played well. Even on defense. The offense sputtered in the third quarter but answered those struggles with two huge drives. A late touchdown is frustrating but this was a necessary win. No style points. It’s still a concern that the Packers have to play the Seahawks next week and Rodgers will not be 100%, but each win is important. Let’s hope this team can continue rolling.


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