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Quick Slants Week 14: Green Bay vs Seattle

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Call me Mr. Pessimistic, but I was not expecting a lot of good this week. On the other hand, winning a game like this seems to be the Pack’s modus operandi: get fans frustrated/concerned, then win a game that most everybody thinks you should lose. Here’s a handful of thoughts I had during today’s game.

  • Whether it’s Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, Dom Capers, or whoever – somebody in that Packers locker room sure knew precisely how to motivate this team today.
  • How ’bout this Dean Lowry kid? Good grip. Great grip considering the weather. Sacking Russell Wilson is a great highlight to have as a rookie.
  • Seahawks really missed Earl Thomas today. And Russell Wilson. And the replacement refs.
  • Was I the only person yelling at the Packers to keep piling on the points in the first half? 21-3 just does not feel like a good lead against Seattle, even with Seattle being what they are this year…and because of what Green Bay has been this year.
  • Seahawks beat writer Gregg Bell (@GBellSeattle on Twitter) noted in the second quarter that Seattle used a dime defense, which is a rarity for them. Just one indication of how lost that defense was out there.
  • Gotta say this…the Green Bay defense was very aware today. Eyes of hawks, hands of glue, legs of gazelles.
  • Davante Adams looked like he was playing in Fresno. Seattle looked like they were playing in Siberia.
  • Jeez…hope Richard Rodgers is okay after that wicked hit in the third quarter.
  • That said…HOLY CRAP how did he hold onto that ball? #MuchRespect
  • * Insert reference to Seattle’s offensive line being pictured on the side of a milk carton here *
  • Christian Ringo running on the field late and getting that HUGE push on 4th and 3 with just under 12 minutes to go…can we make that a regular play? That was kind of awesome.
  • Brett Hundley missed an open Aaron Ripkowski on a 2nd and 8 pass. Hundley should be cut immediately. (How was that Jeremy? Chris? Did I do good?)
  • For the record, I never stopped liking Tanner McEvoy. #JustSaying
  • I did not think it was possible for Russell Wilson to throw five interceptions in a game.
  • Jeff Janis end around for a touchdown with a 21 point lead and just under six minutes to go? What do you think James Coburn?


  • And a fun fact: Seattle’s NFL record of 95 straight games of not losing by more than 10 points is over with this 28 point loss (stat courtesy of Gregg Bell’s Twitter).


  • Ben

    Such a great game! Finally, an all around victory they can be proud of! With the way the O-Line played, maybe Rodgers should be permanently hobbled, forcing himself to MAKE THROWS! Being at the game was surreal! On to the rest of the NFC North!


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