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Quick Slants Week 7: Packers vs Bears

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It feels like there was an entire season’s worth of drama in the 4 days since the Packers last played. New players, injuries everywhere, Eddie Lacy is fat, the uniforms are white, and Ted Thompson is finally about due for retirement. That was just Tuesday. How did Thursday’s game go? Let’s get to the fun:

  • I’m about the most sarcastic human being ever put on this planet, and I weep like a tiny infant when there are stories about Bart and Cherry Starr. It’s such a beautiful and pure love story, and judge me if you want, but it is refreshing to see.
  • The first Packers drive was a nice glimpse at the Aaron Rodgers we all know and love. He made good throws and when nobody was open, he got rid of the ball. If it weren’t for a good defensive play in the end zone, it would have resulted in a touchdown.
  • Who pointed Julius Peppers away from Matlock and towards the field?
  • Demitri Goodson is…..suboptimal.
  • I like aggressive playcalling. But 4th and goal from the 2 is not the time to give the ball to Montgomery out of the backfield. If you want to run, give it to Ripkowski.
  • Feel bad for Brian Hoyer. Sue me.
  • The Packers offense is a momentum hospice. It shows up alive, but soon is dead.
  • How on Earth does the Packers defense get gashed for big runs after Matt “Not Charles” Barkley comes into the game?
  • I’m so tired of the mid game slumps. So tired. Great drive to start a game, decent 2nd drive, then take a 2 hour nap.
  • Aaron Rodgers will catch a lot of nonsense for playing a “poor” first half. He did miss a few throws, but had 2 perfectly thrown passes to Randall Cobb in the end zone that the receiver couldn’t make count. And he did 90% of his work without a running back. I don’t know how you judge a quarterback’s performance when a defense has zero fear of a running game.
  • The Packers should just game plan for at least 1 Rodgers fumble per game at this point. Go into every game as if they are already down by a touchdown.
  • I really don’t have enough bad things to say about Don Barclay. Pretty sure there aren’t enough adjectives in the English language.
  • Davante Adams is quietly having a nice bounce back season. The first touchdown catch was really tough, mainly because he wasn’t open. The second one was a well run rub route. Rodgers relied on him almost solely for throws more than 5 yards downfield. He was drafted to make plays, and he did.
  • Kentrell Brice may need some time to learn coverage, but holy hell did he light up Cameron Meredith.
  • Ty Montgomery is a stud. He’s a football player. Need a running back? 88. Need a WR? 88. Need a calculus problem solved? 88. #Stanford
  • The Packers had every reason to fold up shop and slink away after the Bears recovered Rodgers’ fumble for a touchdown. But the didn’t. Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and Ty Montgomery put the offense on their backs. The defense remembered they were playing Matt Barkley. It was vintage Packers football, and it was glorious. Beautiful. It made me feel something I haven’t really felt all season long: content. I was content with how they Packers played the 2nd half. And that is one of the best feelings I’ve had watching the Packers all season long.
  • The second half of this game was the best consistent football the Packers have played in 2016. Yes, the Bears aren’t exactly a formidable opponent, but the way Green Bay has been playing this year the stage was set for disaster. The first half was horrible, from both teams. Losing that Don Jackson guy didn’t help things, McCarthy had to gameplan on the fly. Not his biggest strength. But the second half was almost flawless. It was the perfect foundation for building success.
  • Please let Rodgers’ calf be okay.

Thank you for reading. James Korsmo is Lead Humor Writer at Titletown Sound Off. You can follow him on Twitter @jksub20. For even more Packers content, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.


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