Quick Slants: Week 8 @ Denver

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I’ll keep this short.

  • The Broncos’ defense hit Aaron Rodgers a ton. That will get into the head of any quarterback.
  • The Broncos exposed two key problems with the Packers defense. Outside contain and poor cornerback play.
  • Nice to see Micha Hyde pick up where he left off before the bye. It’s hard to keep watching Hyde trailing the tight end he is covering.
  • Julius Peppers plays when he wants to. This game in Denver was not a good game to decide not to play.
  • The Packers coaching staff is one of the most stubborn in the league. Why would you use so many deep routes against a team that rushes the passer so well? Also, how about moving receivers around more? How about running more bunch formations? These receivers aren’t winning one on one. Help them out a bit?
  • Aaron Rodgers was part of the problem tonight. When guys actually do get open he needs to get the ball to them.
  • The Packers coaching staff got out coached. As simple as that. Both teams had two weeks to prepare and the Broncos came out on top.
  • This game was a disappointing reason to stay up late.
  • I’ve been pretty positive about things so far. To see the Packers come out of the bye without making significant adjustments to get guys open makes it hard to stay positive.

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