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Quick Slants Week 8: Packers Vs Injuries vs Falcons

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The Green Bay Packers were somehow able to find enough players to play against Atlanta this week. How did this intramural game go? Lets check it out:

  • “Next man up” is something coaches say to motivate scrubs who are asked to play up to the standards of starters. Truth be told, these guys are bench players for a reason. If they had more talent, they would actually be the starters. It irritates me when people use that term as a crutch. The fact is that the team Green Bay put on the field this week is not nearly as good as the team they could have if the team was healthy.
  • The first defensive drive was bend, don’t break. The first offensive drive was vintage Aaron Rodgers/Jordy Nelson magic. That was beautiful. It almost made me cry.
  • No pass rush against a team like Atlanta will result in a long day for the secondary. Demitri Goodson cannot hang with an NFL wide receiver one on one for more than a few seconds.
  • Welcome to the NFL, Geronimo Allison. Congratulations, I hope that’s the first of many.
  • Welcome to the NFL Trevor Davis. What a dynamic player. A huge punt return to set up a great touchdown catch.
  • I said this on Twitter, but I feel like it bears repeating. The only quarterback in the NFL who is better than Aaron Rodgers having fun, is Aaron Rodgers having fun while he’s pissed off.
  • The first half of this game was the most exciting football this team has played in a dog’s age.
  • Nice to see the customary momentum give away come in the second half for a change.
  • Mike McCarthy goes from being a phenomenal play caller to a blithering idiot faster than I can change my underwear. Just because you have running backs doesn’t mean you change your game plan. He came out of halftime with a big ol’ urge to run the football and it backfired big time.
  • Jeff Janis even got in on the touchdown party. What a time to be alive!
  • The two point conversion made zero sense, but it made Rodgers happy, so why the hell not?
  • The defense gave this game away. Absolutely gift wrapped it. Thank you Dom Capers for thinking that giving up the middle of the field is okay.
  • All in all, there were some good things to come out of this game. The offense looked great. Rodgers played out of his mind. And all of this with injuries all over the place…it shouldn’t have been this close. But this is still a heartbreaker. Just sad. I don’t know what else to say right now.
  • Let’s right the ship next week at Lambeau. GO PACK GO.


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