Quick Slants: Week Four @ San Francisco

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  • Aaron Rodgers’ pass on the first play was so good. How he does that on the move is beyond me.
  • Again, Aaron Rodgers on the move to the left and slings it to Richard Rodgers for the first touchdown. His upper body control when moving to the left is off the charts. Not sure how he’s so consistently good on the run. He’s just insane.
  • Only thing I would like to see Rodgers improve on is sliding. He waits so long to do it and then when he finally slides it’s sloppy. Can’t have 12 hurt himself on something as simple as sliding.
  • BJ Raji needs bigger pants. I saw more of Raji today than I planned to.
  • Jayrone Elliot is a play making machine. The Packers need to get this kid on the field more. Been saying it for a few weeks now, need to give him more of Mike Neal’s snaps.
  • James Jones is pretty elusive. Never expected that to be a sentence I would type.
  • Good game from Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Really showed his range. Solid on blitz duties and his tackling was very sound.
  • Aaron Rodgers either gets teams for penalties for too many men on the field or he burns their time outs. Both results are a win.
  • John Kuhn has one carry on the season. He also has one touchdown. Let Packer nation cling to that score for the rest of the season and cheer for him no matter what. The world is right again.
  • Clay Matthews had a nice game. Using Kaepernick’s TD celebration was the cherry on top.
  • Eddie Lacy has incredible vision and patience. He’s more than a power back. He can run like a scatback but he punishes like Jerome Bettis. He’s like a nimble tank.
  • Sam Shields closing speed to the rescue. Gave Bolden some space and closed in quickly once the ball was thrown. Nice Play on the interception.
  • Fantastic play by Damarious Randall on the touchdown breakup. Turned his head and watched the ball come in. Put his hand between Torrey Smith’s arms to breakup the play. Perfect technique.
  • Sloppy game but a win is a win.
  • The Packers are going to need to be ready for the Rams. St. Louis is a team that can jump up and beat anyone in the league.
  • Celebrate the 4 and o start.
  • Go Pack Go!

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