Quick Slants: Week Two vs Seattle

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  • Bobby Wagner trying to cover Randall Cobb is cute.
  • James Jones beat Richard Sherman for the first touchdown. How was that dude cut by two teams?
  • Speaking of that touchdown, no one in the league is as good as Aaron Rodgers is on the move.
  • BJ Raji is hungry. Playing with a ton of power.
  • The defense looked like a swarm of bees in the first half. The second half? Not so much. Going for a dramatic win?
  • Mike Neal needs to be better against the read option. Zero discipline.
  • Nick Perry had a solid game. Lets hope he can string some good games together. I still have hope for Perry. Call me naive if you like.
  • Eddie Lacy is dealing with an ankle injury. The Packers are in serious need of a running threat this season with Jordy Nelson being out. Lacy needs to come back quick.
  • Jeff Janis needs to be smarter on special teams if he wants to see offensive snaps. The coaches and the quarterback already have trust issues with the kid.
  • Aaron Rodgers, please slide. You’re giving me heart problems.
  • Mike Neal looked horrible against the read option in the first half and gave Seattle an extra shot at the end zone to start the second half. Jayrone Elliot had a great game. Neal should check his foot for a bullet hole and get comfortable with Elliot getting some of his snaps.
  • One thing is for certain, this defense will never be good against the read option.
  • David Bakhtiari needs to hit the reset button and start over next week. Rough night. Solid win but Bakhtiari needs to improve.
  • Aaron Rodgers carried this team today. His legs and his quick release get most of the credit.
  • KJ Wright should be suspended after tonight. No reason to twist a mans neck like that. Make that dude pay.
  • Mason Crosby is now the leading scorer in Packers history. Been a long run with some ups and downs. I’m glad the Packers stuck it out and kept Crosby around.
  • Things are looking good for the Packers after a 2-0 start. Been a while since we have been able to enjoy two straight wins to start the season.
  • Bring on Kansas City.
  • Go Pack Go!

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