Quick Slants: Wildcard Weekend

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  • The loss of Sam Shields was horrible.
  • Andy Mulumba isn’t very consistent but shows some nice raw ability.
  • Aldon Smith gave Bakhtiari¬†problems all day.
  • How about more injuries? Sure, why not?
  • MD Jennings covering Vernon Davis is laughable.
  • It took till the second quarter for the offense to come to life. That. Is. Annoying.
  • Tramon Williams played his tail off.
  • Datone Jones held the edge well at OLB.
  • James Jones found the dropsies again…
  • How Rodgers kept the play alive on 4th down in the 4th quarter is beyond me.
  • Morgan Burnett spends a lot of time out of position. This team needs a real playmaker at safety. Burnett is not even close to who they need him to be.
  • Jim Harbaugh owns the Packers.
  • It’s very fitting that this game may have come down to some key injuries for the Packers. Neal, Shields and then Bakhtiari. Killer.
  • That. Sucked.
  • Time for the offseason. I don’t think Mike will fire Dom Capers, but he needs to. A OLB/DE cross stunt and a blitz of Jarrett Bush makes it hard to contain the edge against a quarterback with legs. Left the first down wide open for the 49ers on the last drive.
  • Thanks to all who have used the site. Fun season. Keep your eyes open for offseason posts.



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