Quicks Slants: Week 16

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  • That was so frustrating to watch.
  • MD Jennings is always a step behind.
  • Sean Richardson brings some solid run support. Like what I’m seeing.
  • Little dump passes to Kuhn on 3rd and long are an insult to humanity.
  • Hate seeing Brad Jones get hurt but it’s about time Lattimore gets in on the action.
  • Today was not one of Shawn Slocums best moments. The Steelers owned  the Packers on special teams all day.
  • Mike Neal’s switch to OLB was a good move.
  • Dear Matt Flynn, calm down and set your feet.
  • I love Tim Masthay. Gingers generally don’t have souls. However, I  would argue that Tim Masthay does.

  • Great three hour conference by the refs in the third quarter. Interesting ruling.
  • The illegal hands to the face call on Raji was also interesting. Make up call?
  • Matt Flynn… that pick six… really?!
  • Quarless did everything he could today to make Packer fans forget about his recent success.
  • This Packer team has some bad luck with injuries. Frustrating seeing Lacy and Matthews go out.
  • AJ Hawk with the interception of the century.
  • Starks took full advantage of his opportunity. On Kuhn’s TD the whole steelers defense bit hard on Starks. Nice play call.
  • Nick Perry with the bonehead special teams play of the century. So frustrating.
  • Micah Hyde had his best day as a kick returner.
  • Horrible awareness with ten seconds left in the came. Snap the ball.
  • Jordy was open on the last play.
  • I want to say this team is made up of a group of fighters. However, I can’t help but feel like they shot themselves in the foot today.
  • Go Eagles.


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