Scouting Report Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

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Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

HT: 6’1         WT: 203lbs

Positives- Great frame, imposing size, shows good hips for his size, stays low while in his back pedal, adept at both press- and off-man coverage, wraps up when tackles, understands containment when playing the run, very good long speed, does a nice job looking back to locate the football.

Here Collins does a nice job leaving his man, identifying the run, and squaring up to make a nice form tackle on the running back in the open field.

Collins does a great job staying in the wide receivers hip pocket on this deep route and using his off hand to knock the pass away.

Negatives- Not overly aggressive in run support, will shy away from contact, shows no interest in getting dirty in piles, will occasionally duck his head when tackling, gives up too much cushion, takes too much time for him to gather himself and close out of his back pedal, can open up his hips too early leaving him susceptible to plays underneath.

Collins gets beat with an inside jab step on this route by the wide receiver, he isn’t able to change his momentum in time to turn around and make  play on the ball, to compound matter his misses the open field tackle.

Here you can see Collins gets too high out of his back pedal and gives up too much cushion to the wide receiver. He isn’t able to click and close fast enough to make a play on the ball.

Overall- Jalen Collins is a well built athletic cornerback who certainly has the look of a shutdown guy in the NFL but has things to work on. He has a physical presence about him when on the field but doesn’t play up to his size. Collins isn’t over-aggressive to help in run support and often times just watches his teammates in piles. When he does tackle he lowers the shoulder and wraps up, but will sometimes drop his head. Collins exhibits good long speed and is quick to flip his hips on deep routes by wide receivers. Collins stays low in his back pedal but has a tendency to pop upright when transitioning to moving forward which causes him to be late closing in on pass catchers. Collins was abused on slant routes because of giving too much cushion and the inability to close quick enough. While Collins tested well athletically in the 40 yard dash and explosion drills, he did struggle in the 20 yard shuttle which suggests he needs to improve his change of direction skills. Collins has a lot to like and with big corners the trend in today’s NFL I think a team will draft him high and iron out some of his technique issues. He has the chance to develop into a very good boundary corner.

Projection: 2nd Round

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