What We Learned – Week 4

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The Packers went into Levi’s Stadium heavily favored and hoping to finally get a win against Colin Kaepernick’s 49ers. Fans were hoping the Packers defense could contain Kaepernick from running circles around them, and they were pleasantly surprised. The defense played a masterful game allowing the Niners only 196 net yards. It is safe to say that at 4-0, the Packers have achieved Mike McCarthy’s goal of a “fast start.”

What We Learned…

We learned that the Packers can win low scoring games that are ugly. The Packers offense was not the high-octane unit fans are accustomed to and they had their issues as Aaron Rodgers was sacked three times in the game. The Packers scored when they needed to and it was enough to win. Rodgers is a magician even though he only threw one touchdown, he still had a very good game.

We also learned the Packers can contain Kaepernick, sacking him 6 times, intercepting him once and holding him to 57 yards rushing. Considering his history against the Packers this was a huge win for the defense.

The Packers held Carlos Hyde, one of the league’s best up and coming rushers to 20 yards on 8 carries.  The last three games, the Packers rush defense has been very solid against three premier rushers. The rush defense has bounced back nicely after a rough game against Matt Forte.

The Packers held San Francisco to 3 points.  That is all. This was not a perfect game but the defense played great. When the Packers play a perfect game, look out.

What We Think We Learned…

We think we learned that Jayrone Elliot may  be one of  Ted Thompson’s best undrafted signing.  Elliot has been playing lights out on defense the last three weeks and notched another sack. Elliot is translating what he does in the preseason to the Regular Season.

We think that Don Barclay may need some help from running backs and tight ends. He was beaten twice on third downs by Arthur Lynch. It was an extremely rough day for the right tackle. The Packers are facing a very talented and imposing Rams front four next week and need both tackles to play well. David Bahktiari also had a tough game in Santa Clara this week.


What We Hope Isn’t True…

We hope that Cobb did not re-aggravate his shoulder injury. Cobb did return to the game but did land on his shoulder trying to catch a pass from Aaron Rodgers in the 4th quarter. The Packers depth at receiver will be tested if he did re-aggravate it.

We hope that it isn’t true that the offense will sputter until Davante Adams returns. While Cobb and Jones had strong days, and Richard Rodgers put in a solid performance, the rest of the receivers struggled to make an impression. If Adams is back next week all of those issues could be solved, but until he returns we hope the offense can stay on track.


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