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Behind Enemy Lines takes a weekly look at social media and internet message boards to take the pulse of opposing fans. This week, TTSO looked to twitter and Reddit to see what Niners fans were saying.

The mood on r/49ers is resigned. Fans are not confident and most don’t see how this game is going to be anything but ugly. One fan summed up the matchup issue perfectly.

SUmmary of Game

Other Redditors answered the question of whether Rodgers would destroy a beleaguered defense.

Reddit overall

Packers fans can certainly understand what it’s like when a defense plays poorly and there is no discipline against a tough quarterback. It’s been exactly that for the last three matchups against the Niners. Kapernick has toasted the Packers every chance he has gotten.

Despite the success Kaepernick has had against the Packers, most fans just don’t think that will matter this week.

Kap doesnt matter

One fan, despite spelling the name of his own player wrong, had a novel suggestion for beating the Packers.

Only Chance

That has to be a fifteen yard penalty.

A Redditor asked what the narrative would be if the 49ers pull off the upset. One fan responded that the Packers will have to beat themselves for San Francisco to have a chance.

What if 9ers win

So let’s look to Twitter for some optimistic Niners fans.

Okay, so it’s not all unicorns and rainbows on Twitter, but someone out there has to be confident that Kaepernick can again beat the Packers. This account was cautiously optimistic that the 49ers have a chance.

And another fan references the one fact that has some Packers fans worried.

A little searching and we finally found him. The one Kaepernick fan left in San Francisco. I mean, dude’s Kaepernicking in his profile picture. His optimism is to be commended.

Optimism doesn’t begin to describe it. My man is all in on Kap. Bless his heart.

Then, there’s this opinion. Sorry Kaepernicking dude. Niners fans seem to be bailing.

But even with the concerns over the bicep-smooching quarterback, most 49ers fans are concerned about the defense. Like this guy.

But with all the negativity, I think the most telling tweet is this one.

I have no idea what it means, but it is absolutely terrifying.


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