Scouting Report: Eric Rowe, CB, Utah

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Eric Rowe, CB, Utah

Ht: 6’1        Wt: 205lbs

Positives- Terrific size and athleticism, can line up in press man or in off man coverage, very controlled in his movements, fluid hips, experience at Safety, aggressive in run support, good tackler, willing to take on blockers and understands containment, very good in backside pursuit on plays that go away from him.

Rowe has no problem blitzing and providing run support, here is a nice wrap up tackle on the running back for a minimal gain.

Rowe displays good ball skills on this go route, while ideally you’d like to see him turn his head around he does do a good job reading the wide receivers eyes and hands and is able to knock it away.

Here you can see Rowe read this slant beautifully, he closes in on it and cuts off the wide receiver to make a really nice interception.

Negatives- Needs to refine technique work, will be caught flat footed or peaking into the backfield, works exclusively on the left side, should work on his jam at the line of scrimmage, needs to increase his awareness in zone, gives up too much cushion, occasionally takes poor angles in run support, would like to see him work harder to get off of blocks.

Rowe is responsible for getting enough depth in his zone, which he fails to do. He also fails to find the ball and the wide receiver, Rowe is caught out of position allowing for a completion.

Here you can see Rowe get caught flat footed on the top of the wide receiver’s route which allows separation. The result is an incompletion, but as Matt Bowen says, “his feet were stuck in concrete.”

On this play Rowe stays too square to the wide receiver, looking to give him a bump. He isn’t able to recover in time and the wide receiver runs right by him. the term “if he’s even he’s leavin'” comes to mind.

Overall- Eric Rowe is a very solid defensive back prospect. While he doesn’t do any one thing spectacular he does a lot of things well. Rowe has no problem stepping up in run support and is a very sure wrap up tackler. There are a few times where he can come in too fast and miss, but he does play very aggressively. He can chase down ball carriers on the other side of the field, but will get stuck on blocks too long on the outside. Rowe has only played one year at Cornerback (transitioning from Safety) and lack of technique shows. Rowe can bite on double moves and can get flat footed. His athleticism helped him get away with it at the College level, but it will not help in the NFL. Despite his 4.45 speed, Rowe can get beat deep and doesn’t consistently turn his head to find the ball. He had a decent number of passes broken up, but only one interception this past year. Rowe’s athleticism is evident when you see him open his hips, he is a very fluid mover for a 6 foot 1 inch 205 pound player. There is a lot to work with, and any team would love to have a player of his caliber to mold. Rowe has contributed on special teams at Utah.

Projection: 2nd round

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