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Aaron Rodgers

Charlie Whitehurst with less charisma. Did you see how angry and frustrated he looked? Rodgers never once acknowledged nor demonstrated the culpability that comes with wins and losses being solitarily a quarterback statistic. He had the gall–nee, the temerity–to take snaps that resulted in sacks. Once, he actually took a sack after holding onto the ball for over .8 seconds. That sack resulted in a safety. He made Richard Rodgers look really bad by not avoiding Demarcus Ware, even after Richard Rodgers successfully used wind power from his whiffed block to accelerate Ware’s approach beyond normal speeds. Plus he didn’t have any cute dummy audibles. Missed opportunities kill good teams.

Randall Cobb

Wide Receivers

They did some things. Not good things, but things just the same. There was running, and some diving too. Some of them were able to touch the ball once or twice.  It was nice of Denver to let them do that. Sportsmanship is what the game lacks at times.


Eddie Lacy 

He played sometimes. When he did, he was not fat. I couldn’t see him on the sideline, though. Maybe he was fatter there. Lacy scored the Packers only touchdown, so I guess he’s the MVP of the game. Most Valuable Participant.



Solid game. Only allowed just over 500 total yards this time, which is progress. Peyton Manning was held to 340 yards passing. That’s 160 yards less than the last game, so things are trending up. Dom Capers’ bold strategy of only covering the field from the sideline to the hashmarks really made the game interesting. Covering the middle of the field takes up too many defenders. By focusing solely on the outside, almost all of Manning’s passes to those areas were held to less than 20 yards. Special kudos to Casey Hayward, who was present and accounted for.


Peyton Manning

Very very good at directing his ducks. His 20 yard, 15 second hangtime deep balls were mesmerizing, which is why the entire Packers secondary was hypnotized into thinking they only had one leg. I still wonder if he’s ever actually been to Omaha, because there is no reason to keep yammering about it before every play. Plus that giant red spot on his velodrome of a head reminds me of Jupiter, and everybody knows that Jupiter is made of gas. Therefore, Peyton Manning’s head is a gassy giant.


Chris Collinsworth

The best color commentator in the booth tonight. His contribution to the game is immeasurable. We as viewers almost went entire minutes without hearing about how much he loved playing in the NFL. He is impeccable at filling time that nobody even knew needed to be filled. That kind of enthusiasm is dwindling. Much like mine in the 2nd quarter of tonight’s game.


Next Week

Green Bay will go to one of the Carolinas (I’m going to be really honest here. I think it’s North, but I can’t find any literature to back that up.) to face the Cam Newton lead Panthers. Carolina will be coming off of a Monday Night game against the Indianapolis Colts, so more than likely Newton and the rest of the starters should be well rested. It’s going to be a fun game, unless you are on Twitter and the Packers don’t immediately take a 77-0 lead in the first quarter.



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