What We Learned — Week 10

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The Green Bay Packers limped back into Lambeau Field to face the 1-7 Detroit Lions, who last won in the State of Wisconsin in 1991. Some expected Green Bay to blow out the hapless Lions. Here’s what we learned

What We Learned…

We learned that if this team continues to play the way they have in the last three games, they will be lucky to get to eight wins. Things are a mess. In all three phases. On the offense, Rodgers looks tentative, the weapons aren’t very scary right now and at tight end, the Packers just have some guys (though Justin Perillo did look encouraging). They must run the ball more. The Packers are going to struggle to compete with the Vikings next week. This is not what most of us expected.

We learned that the defense is capable of keeping the Packers in games. As long as they are playing the Lions, one of the worst offenses in the league. Until the final drive. Until the wheels come off.

While the officiating left much to be desired, execution was awful today with dropped balls and missed assignments. The offense was discombobulated and did not show up again. This is becoming a concern that needs to be fixed, soon.

We learned that his team needs better tackle play. Bahktiari has been a liability the last few weeks and in 2016 it may be time to move on from him as Rodgers’ blind side protector.

We learned that this team is capable of losing to a 1-7 team. One. And. Seven. Things need to change quickly.

We learned that Damarious Randall is a very good corner. He has a short memory which is a great attribute for a young defensive back. Randall gave the Packers a chance to win the game when he recovered an onside kick with 31 seconds left.

We learned that Nate Palmer is very bad at linebacker. But then again, we learned that before. It’s time for Jake Ryan to start. Palmer looked lost again and got juked out of his shoes by Ameer Abdullah.

What We Think We Learned…

We think we learned Abbrederis is probably the 5th receiver when Montgomery returns from injury. He was solid today. Hope his injury is not serious

We think we learned that Davante Adams needs to be more aggressive towards the ball. While admittedly a tough play, if he doesn’t try to body catch, he could have caught the 2 point conversion that was knocked away. He did have a decent game but should be more aggressive in his catches.

What We Hope Isn’t True..

We hope any injuries that occurred in the game aren’t serious. We hate to see injuries happen to either team.

We Hope that Packers don’t start more of a skid. This was the first time since 2008 Green Bay lost three in a row with Rodgers starting. However, that season did end with the packers firing their defensive coordinator so maybe that a good sign for the #firecapers crowd. This team isn’t very good right now.


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