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Going into what many believed was a real test against a solid defense and a strong running game, many Packers fans were concerned with whether Green Bay could string together a second strong performance. After a dominating victory against the Chiefs, it seems many of our questions may have been answered. Now that the Packers are 3-0, let’s take a look at what we learned.

What We Learned…

We learned that Aaron Rodgers has the best pocket awareness in the game, maybe ever. Rodgers moves in the pocket as if he has eyes in the back of his head. With a stride forward or a step to the side, Rodgers makes up for a lot of deficiencies on an offensive line. With his quickness in the pocket, and outside the pocket as well, Rodgers can neutralize a strong pass rush almost by himself. It is this awareness and mobility that has made up for an injury to Bulaga and a less than stellar start from David Bakhtiari.

We learned that this defense can be nasty. There has been a question in the past about the toughness of the Packers defense. Monday night, they looked like they are tough enough to win. Certainly it’s not an elite group, but it is disruptive enough to cause a lot of problems for opposing quarterbacks. With two sacks and three quarterback hits last night, Clay Matthews showed he’s still got nastiness left, even if he is forced to play inside quite a bit.

For those who are worried that the “nastiness” wore off as the game went on, there is little to worry about. While the Chiefs scored points, the game was always in hand. Before garbage time, the Packers shut the Chiefs down. Echos of the NFC Championship Game still haunt Packers fans. The concern is understandable, but this team was tough when it needed to be and dominated a solid team for much of the game.

What We Think We Learned…

We think we learned that the run defense is good enough. In the last two games, facing arguable two of the top backs in the league, the Packers have held tough. Green Bay followed a fantastic game against Marshawn Lynch with an equally impressive handling of Jamaal Charles. While Charles did get into the endzone, he was held to just 49 yards on 11 carries. Beating an offense at its own strength is a great sign for a defense that has come under fire.

We think we learned the Giants front office was huffing glue during training camp. For some reason, actual professional football executives decided it was a good idea to cut James Jones. Meanwhile, Jones is dropping fools in Green Bay. We are so happy with the Giants’ poor decision that we want to send them something nice. Click here to donate to our campaign to send the Giants an Edible Arrangemet (and support a great cause in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s).

What We Hope Isn’t True…

We hope it isn’t true that the Packers injury bug will continue. As Adams and Quarless both went down last night, and both seem like they will miss decent amounts of time, it will be difficult for this team to absorb many more injuries.

We hope it isn’t true that the defense’s letdown toward the end of the game is a sign of things to come, but we don’t think it is. In a game that was that much in hand, it is not shocking to see guys let up a little. When it mattered, the Packers defense was dominant. Where we thought they would be gashed, the run game, they played very well. We don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about based on the end of this contest.


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