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While Josh is off saving princesses and crushing Salamences and Yanmegas, I’ll be covering Studs and Duds once again. I’ve looked at the various projections for the big names, the small names, and the ones that are somewhere in between. So, I’ll give you a rundown similar to Josh’s usual format and hopefully I won’t doom your team this week!


Fantasy Studs

QB: Scott Tolzien, Green Bay Packers

I’m seeing him at the tail end of Top 10 lists, and I have to agree. As we said on this week’s podcast, even if he throws the ball to the guys in the other-colored jerseys, they may not catch it. A weak opponent, hopefully a higher likelihood to throw, both good reasons to “Go For To’ ” this week…even if that is a terrible saying…

RB: Zac Stacy, St. Louis Rams

If there’s one thing I learned last week, it’s that even a blind squirrel can run for a touchdown on the Chicago Bears. I like Stacy more than the average squirrel anyway, but in this matchup, he should be ranked highly.

WR: Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns

Heck yeah Josh Gordon. This guy has an okay matchup with Pittsburgh this week, but I’m not really concerned with his opponents at this point. He’s the best option Jason Campbell has right now, since Campbell seems to hate Jordan Cameron for some reason.

TE: Rob Housler, Arizona Cardinals

Might be a deeper league pick still, but he’s been getting his share of targets lately. He could be due for a breakout performance or a dud week. I’m favoring the breakout, even with a so-so matchup. I’ve heard this guy’s name enough in the last couple months to believe this guy is legit. Enough people that I trust seem to trust him, and that’s good enough for me.

WC: Nate Burleson, Detroit Lions

Hey, remember him? Yeah, the Domino’s Destroyer…or is that “Destroyed”…is back and he could have a decent role with Megatron facing Revis this week. He’s out there in a few leagues, and he’s a great option if you need WR help going forward, especially the next couple weeks.


Fantasy Duds

QB: Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Romo, meet the Giants…again…263 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT. Not terrible numbers, but he is Tony Romo, and he is facing a Giants defense that is feeling a lot more confident than they did last time Romo saw them.

RB: Ben Tate, Houston Texans

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. These are just some of the things showing up on his injury report right now. He is playing Jacksonville this week, 25th best against the run. They were not terrible against Arizona last week, so they might actually not be terrible again against a Texans team that is busting apart at the seams.

WR: Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants

I find it hard to trust Nicks right now. He hasn’t been awful this year, but it seems like he has. Dallas is actually not a bad matchup either, but…Nicks has that injury history…and he hasn’t had an extended absence from the lineup yet, so I’m really nervous about him. Any chance Aaron Dobson is available in your league? I’d go for him over Nicks.

TE: Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons

One has to wonder if he’s rethinking that decision to come back for one more year. The Vikings did it to Favre, and they had a lousy season. The Falcons did it to Gonzo, and, well…
This is a bad matchup, on top of Gonzo not being 100%. You may not have a better option, but if you need an excuse to not play him, I’ll be your scapegoat.

WC: Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens

What I said last week still stands! I underestimated the awfulness of the Bears’ D last week, but they have the Jets this week. Rex’s men are 2nd against the run this season. If you must start Rice, you have to hope for a touchdown because that’s the only way he can validate a start this week.


Dark Horse of the Week

WR Rod Streater, Oakland Raiders

Streater has quietly put together a halfway decent season for Oakland, save for the Giants game when he only had one catch. Strictly a deeper-league selection at this point, he can still pull in 3-4 catches a week and has a decent chance of getting a minimum of 40 yards. I think he could actually surprise us against the stingy-against-Wideouts Titans. It’s one of those picks that will either garner a faint reaction of “Duh, what were you thinking Bobbo?” or a “Holy crap, Bobbo was on to something!” Again, he’s a deeper league option, but if you’re looking for that good #3 option, I  think Streater has a good thing going with McGloin (after one week)  and he could shock many with a 10+ point game for Fantasy owners.


Packer to Start

WR Jarrett Boykin

This guy makes hay while the sun shines. He’s getting catches and yards regardless of who is throwing the ball, and in this offense, that means gold. If he’s not owned in your league, he’s worth a pickup this week. At minimum, he should pull in 5 catches and 80 yards.

Packer to Sit

WR James Jones

I mean, if you HAVE to bench a Packer, Jones hasn’t been as big a part of this offense since Rodgers went down, and I would not be surprised if Tolzien gets locked on to Jordy a lot this week. Jones will get his share of targets, but that’s not saying much without Rodgers running the show.



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