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Packer of the Week: Preseason Week 2

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Welcome to a new column here on Titletown Sound Off where each week your third favorite writer you’ve never heard of (hey guys, it’s me, Nick Lauer) will write about his favorite Packer, based entirely on what transpired in the most recent game. This week Nick will highlight a Packers employee that is doing everything in his power to give a boost to the little guy.


As the preseason progresses, the competition for the few remaining spots on the Packers roster is heating up significantly. If recent history is any indication, at least a couple of those spots will be taken by undrafted rookie free agents that were given no real chance coming into training camp. This leads us to our Packer of the week for Preseason Week 2.


Now, imagine if you will (dramatic pause while you put yourself in a zen state to start imagining things proposed by a two-bit internet writer) that you are one of these said rookies. You felt like you had a respectable college career, be it at Big Name University or We Produce Many Famous Finger Painters College. Despite that college production you went undrafted and are now fighting tooth and nail for a precious chance at that fleeting NFL dream. At this point you need every sort of advantage you can get, whether it’s mental, physical, spiritual, etc.


Perhaps the biggest boost you could get is from an employee of the Packers who doesn’t really even know you and yet can see the drive in your eyes and the determination to do everything you can to make this team better. This employee doesn’t have a lot of sway in the organization, but they do have one tool at their disposal: the power of music.


For the three people that are still reading and willing to wait out what this ridiculously drawn-out buildup has been for, you are in luck. The Packer of the week is the Lambeau Field sound guy.

This is the best Google could offer us for anything resembling the Packers sound guy.

This is the best Google could offer us for anything resembling the Packers sound guy.

Yours truly attended Thursday night’s matchup between the Packers and Raiders at Lambeau Field and I was enjoying a beautiful night of football when it hit me. During a break in the action, music was played, like always, but this time there was a noticeable difference. Instead of your standard Rolling Stones or Beatles track, this song had an agenda. That agenda was to give a leg up to Packers rookie wide receiver Geronimo Allison.

That's him!

That’s him!

Here’s what the Packers sound guy hit us with…

You could actually see Geronimo Allison’s eyes light up (not at all) as his theme song was blasted to 70,000+ fans in the stadium. How did he respond? Only by catching an 18-yard pass on his first drive of the game in the third quarter and then immediately following that up by drawing a pass interference penalty on the next play. These two plays were integral in helping the Packers score a touchdown right out of halftime to put their total points at 14, a score which would prove to be insurmountable for the Raiders.


Granted, this all would have been more impressive had Allison lit up the stat sheet similar to what Victor Cruz did in his first preseason, but it was important nevertheless. Chances to play are few and far between for undrafted players. It’s necessary that these players take advantage of every second of playing time that comes their way. In my humble opinion, Geronimo Allison did just that on Thursday night.


It’s quite possible that his performance will be all for naught and he will find himself jobless come September. However, if Allison does find himself employed by the Green Bay Packers come Labor Day he has one person to thank: the Lambeau Field sound guy. That man who does yeoman’s work every week knows the importance of reaching out a hand and helping the little guy in any way he can. Hopefully, this attitude spreads throughout the Packers.


Regardless, be thankful Packers fans that our own version of Mother Teresa resides in the sound booth of Lambeau Field. And for you, Lambeau Field sound guy, dust off your mantelpiece because you have some (digital) hardware coming your way. Congratulations on winning Packer of the week! I hope you have a really nice laser jet printer with which to print your award.


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