Quick Slants Week 10: Packers vs Titans

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  • What is this garbage we’re watching and why is it allowed to continue?
  • The Titans took a big risk going with the onside kick to start the game. Mike Mularkey didn’t think the Packers could move the ball, even with great field position and boy was he right. Embarrassing from the start.
  • Kentrell Brice covering Delanie Walker brings a deep sadness to my soul.
  • This team is undisciplined and heartless. Both of these reflect the coaching staff’s inability to get in this team’s collective head.
  • Did you give up a halfback pass for a touchdown? Yes. Yes, you did.
  • Demitri Goodson is about as useful as a rotten can of tuna.
  • I hate watching a guy like Delanie Walker play out of his mind and then see the tight ends in Green Bay. Two different worlds and the Packers are living in the wrong one.
  • Don Barclay and David Bakhtiari both played some pretty ugly football today.
  • So did the entire defense.
  • And now an inside look at a conversation between Ron Zook and Trevor Davis. “Oh hell, special teams might as well suck too. Trevor, go on out there and put it on the ground.”, Said the Zooker. “Okay coach!”, Davis replied.
  • Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Davante Adams all deserve credit for solid play. But boo to them as well for waiting to be down 21 to do it.
  • Why don’t the Packers use Ty Montgomery more consistently? I just don’t understand.
  • Jeff Tripplett is a moron.
  • Bill Kristofco said it best when he called into Titletown Sound Off Line. “When the offense plays well, the defense stinks.” and much like Bill, I want to know who will be held accountable for this.
  • Speaking of the Titletown Sound Off Line, here’s the number: 920-445-8876. Call us and let loose. We will respond to the calls on the podcast.
  • Aaron Rodgers second interception was horrible. “I don’t care who’s open. I know who I want to throw to.”
  • Richard Rodgers isn’t good.
  • The Vikings lost again today.
  • The Packers will miss the playoffs.
  • The Lions will win the division.
  • Welcome to the twilight zone.

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