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Quick Slants Week 15: Packers vs Bears

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Week 15 brings the Packers to the city of broad shoulders and no Super Bowls since 1985, Chicago. The season is on the line from here on out for Green Bay, so did the dream survive? Let’s take a look:

  • Playing in negative temperatures without sleeves on is stupid. Unbelievably dumb. But sweet French dressing, it’s badass. I get cold reaching in the fridge for a beer.
  • Jared Cook was the catalyst for a successful first drive. His ability to get open and catch the ball on 3rd downs kept the drive alive.
  • Ty Montgomery may not be a prototypical running back, but he is a productive one. And he has the nicest smile I have ever seen.
  • Aaron Rodgers is going to have a very difficult rest of the season if he can’t move out of the pocket.
  • Clay Matthews can’t tackle because he only has one arm. Aaron Rodgers can’t run because he has no legs. We need Sid from Toy Story to make something happen here.
  • After a few weeks of decent secondary play, the Packers once again decided that the middle of the field is made of magma.
  • All the momentum from the last 3 weeks died in the second quarter of this game.
  • The Packers defense was pitiful in the first half. Just dreadful. No pressure on the quarterback, zone coverage where nobody was covered….I cannot fathom how they could have been so unprepared. It’s like knowing you have a big math test on Friday but studying social studies all week instead.
  • Jordy Nelson dropped 2 long passes in the first half. He was interfered with (although the officials didn’t see it that way) on the second one, but it’s disconcerting to see him not bring those in. Davante Adams dropped a perfectly thrown touchdown pass as well. The Packers have enough problems, they don’t need receivers getting the yips on top of everything else.
  • Hero of the first half: Ty Montgomery. Goob of the first half: Everybody else.
  • Davante Adams. I don’t know what happened today, but I still believe in you. This was a giant episode of suck, though.
  • Julius Peppers was brought out of his cryogenic chamber and singlehandedly got the ball back deep in Bears territory for the Packers, and the offense got a field goal. Not optimal.
  • Ty Montgomery almost single handedly willed the Packers offense to any success it had during this game. What heart. I can’t wait for my new shirsey to arrive.
  • Ha Ha Clinton Dix decided he was done with the nonsense at halftime. He came out of the locker room and got really selfish. The Packers scored 14 points off of 2 HHCD picks. He came through when the team needed him most.
  • Holy ships of Troy is Christine Michael fast. After watching Montgomery methodically pick apart the Bears defense most of the game, Michael burned them for a 42 yard touchdown. This could be an incredible duo.
  • Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins are so frustratingly inconsistent. They were just bad today. Last week they were great. I’m hoping that it will all even out eventually, but not knowing if you can count on them from week to week is suboptimal.
  • Dom Capers has not met a lead he didn’t want to destroy. Packers go up by 17, and he promptly shuts it down. Obviously the secondary is not great, and there isn’t much of a pass rush, but he does an absolutely abysmal job of managing his talent. It’s inexcusable, yet we’re stuck with him until the end of time.
  • The Packers had a 17 point lead in the middle of the third quarter. Then they had a complete systemic failure across the board. The entire team tanked simultaneously and progressively, from coaches on down. They blew a chance to control their ability to make the playoffs, and they did it against a Bears team who has only won 3 games. Heads should roll at 1265 Lombardi, but they won’t. It will be the same excuses and non answers, no accountability to be found. Frustration is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel. There are no words adequate enough to accurately convey my disgust wrapped inside my love for this team. The playoffs are still technically possible, but let’s be honest: they don’t deserve any part of them.
  • I am not going to delete what I wrote above this. It is absolutely true, regardless of the outcome.
  • Aaron Rodgers is not human. He is above our plane. I can’t even make sense of my feelings right now….but if Rodgers isn’t in the MVP conversation right now, then there is something wrong.
  • Go Pack Go.


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